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Enhance customer service with Brainfish, an AI-driven platform providing instant, accurate answers to customer queries

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About Brainfish

Revolutionize Customer Support with Brainfish AI

Brainfish is the world's first AI-driven customer service platform that offers instant, contextualized answers to customer questions based on your help articles. Improve customer satisfaction and brand trust with Brainfish.

Why Choose Brainfish?

With Brainfish, you'll experience:

  • Fast onboarding: Get started in under 5 minutes.
  • AI-powered answers: Receive accurate and relevant responses to customer queries.
  • Article builders with suggestions: Improve your help articles and create valuable content.

Quick and Easy Onboarding

  1. Sign up for free: Use your work email to create an account.
  2. Add your content: Add new and existing articles effortlessly.
  3. Start searching: Provide customers with immediate answers to any question.

Save Time and Automate Support Requests

Automate over 50% of all support requests and provide instant customer answers. Eliminate the need for customers to spend hours searching through product documentation, and create a seamless customer experience.

Elevate Your Content with Helpful Articles

Utilize smart article suggestions to craft accurate, informative, and clear documentation. Enhance your writing skills and produce valuable content with ease.

Discover Customer Needs and Improve Content

Identify customer gaps by analyzing in-demand topics and areas that need improvement. Stay ahead of the competition by providing content that resonates with your audience.

Support for Multiple Languages

Brainfish's global compatibility enables you to write content in any language.

Experience the Power of Brainfish

Brainfish uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer queries and provide instant, context-based responses. Seamlessly integrate Brainfish with popular help desk software like Zendesk to optimize your customer service workflow.

By implementing Brainfish, your team can significantly reduce the time spent answering customer queries, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Brainfish empowers customers and customer service teams with knowledge, promoting more efficient support.

Designed for user-friendliness and ease of use, Brainfish integrates with existing help desk software with minimal setup. Its collaborative editor interface simplifies building and interacting with documentation.

Switch to Brainfish in under 5 minutes and transform your customer support experience. Embrace the power of AI-driven customer service with Brainfish today.

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