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Slash customer support time in half with Galeby's AI-driven solution, offering personalized and efficient responses

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About Galeby

Boost Customer Support Efficiency with Galeby AI

Galeby is an AI-driven solution designed to significantly reduce the time spent on customer support by automating repetitive tasks and providing fast, personalized responses.

Answer Repetitive Questions Faster

Galeby's AI can help you answer repetitive questions twice as fast, streamlining your customer support process. It is compatible with any support app, such as Crisp or Freshdesk, and offers direct support if you need assistance.

How It Works
  1. Create Your Templates: Design templates for the most common repetitive messages you receive. Galeby's AI will scan your list and select the best one to use when answering customers.
  2. Answer Blazingly Fast: Use your favorite support app, press a shortcut, click, and you're done! Everything is optimized for speed and efficiency, and it works with any app.
  3. Generate Unique Replies: Let Galeby generate unique messages for you with a single click, ensuring you don't send the same message to everyone.
  4. Be Personal: Import real-time data from your app to add a personal touch to your templates and AI-generated replies.

Is Galeby Right for You?

Galeby is designed for indie makers who want to maintain close relationships with their customers but are overwhelmed by repetitive messages. It's an excellent fit if you:

  • Value personal customer support
  • Have customers who don't read your FAQ
  • Constantly reply to the same questions
  • Believe your time is better spent growing your app

Galeby may not be suitable if you:

  • Want fully automated support
  • Don't have customers yet
  • Don't mind answering repetitive questions daily
  • Receive fewer than 3 customer messages per day

Galeby prepares the text for you, and you simply press the send button. The service can be customized to fit your business, and if you need help or suggestions, the Galeby team is available to write templates for you.

Optimize your customer support and save time with Galeby's AI-driven solution, enhancing customer satisfaction and giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $14.97


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