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Revolutionize your customer engagement with LivePerson's conversational commerce platform. AI-powered chatbots and messaging integration for seamless communication.

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About LivePerson

LivePerson is a software as a service (SaaS) provider that specializes in customer engagement and conversational commerce applications. The company offers a range of conversational tools and features, such as chatbots and messaging integrations, that allow brands to communicate with customers in a more streamlined and personalized way.

LivePerson's main products, LiveEngage and LivePerson Insights, enable marketing, sales, and customer support teams to create AI-powered chatbots, analyze customer chat transcripts, and gain valuable business insights. By using LivePerson's conversational commerce applications, brands can identify potential buyers, provide customers with specific information about products or orders, and reduce the number of call center agents needed.

One of the key benefits of LivePerson is the ability to make it easier for customers to communicate through their preferred channels, which can lead to increased engagement and loyalty. Additionally, LivePerson's tools can help businesses streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and growth.

LivePerson's applications can be used in a variety of industries, from retail and e-commerce to healthcare and financial services. By leveraging the power of conversational commerce, businesses can improve their customer service and create more meaningful connections with their customers.

In summary, LivePerson offers a range of conversational commerce tools that allow businesses to communicate with customers in a more personalized and streamlined way. With the ability to identify potential buyers, reduce the number of call center agents needed, and gain valuable business insights, LivePerson can help businesses grow and succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

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