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Elevate your business with Quickchat's multilingual AI assistants, effortlessly automating customer support, lead generation, and more

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About Quickchat

Unleash the Power of Quickchat's AI Assistants for Your Business

Quickchat's AI-powered assistants offer a comprehensive solution to streamline customer support, generate leads, and automate various tasks across your business. With its advanced GPT-3 technology, you can build and deploy multilingual AI assistants without any coding experience.

Quickchat's Key Features

No-Code AI Assistant Development

With Quickchat, you don't need to code or have access to GPT-3 to create your AI assistant. Start by using a generic AI assistant and upload your custom knowledge base for a tailored experience.

Seamless Integrations & API

Embed the Quickchat Web Widget on your website or easily integrate it with messaging apps, live chat software, or your own applications using the Quickchat API.

Multilingual Support

Leverage the same English knowledge base to create AI assistants that can communicate in multiple languages. Check the list of available languages here.

Benefits of Using Quickchat AI Assistants

Effortless Building Process

Building your AI assistant is a breeze with Quickchat. There's no need to create complex decision trees or predict every possible question or scenario. Just provide your use-case and upload your knowledge base via the Quickchat dashboard.

Adaptive Learning

Quickchat AI assistants learn from the information you provide. Upload FAQs, product descriptions, internal documentation, or example conversations to see how quickly AI learns about new topics. You can even connect Quickchat to your internal API, database, or other data structures for more complex process automation.

Integration with Existing Software

Quickchat assistants can be embedded on your website using the Web Widget or connected to apps like Facebook Messenger, Discord, Slack, and Telegram. Integrate with live chat software or your own application using Quickchat API, and easily switch between AI and human customer support staff when needed.

Quickchat Applications

  • Website owners: Automate live chat conversations with the Quickchat AI widget
  • Developers: Build AI assistants for clients or integrate with proprietary software products
  • Enterprises: Transform Customer Support, Sales, and HR with state-of-the-art AI


Quickchat's AI assistants are a game-changer for businesses looking to automate customer support, generate leads, and enhance communication across various platforms. Its no-code, multilingual AI assistant development and seamless integration capabilities make Quickchat an invaluable tool for driving growth and improving customer satisfaction.

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Pricing options

  • $14
  • $99


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