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Build AI-powered chatbots using your own data and effortlessly embed them on your website with Dialoq

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About Dialoq

Dialoq: Transform Your Data into AI-Powered Chatbots

Dialoq is a powerful platform that enables users to create AI-powered chatbots using their own data. With an easy-to-use interface and zero coding knowledge required, Dialoq simplifies the chatbot creation process while providing exceptional user experiences.

Effortless Chatbot Creation

Setting up an AI-powered chatbot with Dialoq is a breeze, requiring only three steps:

  1. Upload your own data: Dialoq supports various file formats, including PDF, TXT, MD, and plain text, ensuring a seamless data import process.
  2. Customize your chatbot: Personalize your chatbot's appearance, initial message, and tone to match your brand identity and audience.
  3. Embed: Easily integrate your AI-powered chatbot into your website, providing immediate value and engagement.
Dialoq's Key Features

Dialoq offers a range of impressive features that make it the ideal solution for businesses seeking to enhance website engagement:

  • Easily build AI-powered chatbots using your own data
  • Customize the chatbot's appearance and embed it on your website
  • Supports various file formats such as PDF, TXT, MD, and plain text
  • Zero coding knowledge required for setup

Use Cases for Dialoq AI Chatbots

Dialoq's AI chatbots can be employed for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Customer support: Provide real-time assistance to website visitors, addressing queries and concerns efficiently.
  • Information retrieval: Enable users to access information from your data sources easily, improving overall user experience.
  • Website engagement: Engage users with interactive AI chatbots that provide personalized experiences, driving increased user satisfaction and retention.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Website with Dialoq AI Chatbots

Dialoq is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to create custom AI chatbots with minimal effort. Its user-friendly platform, customization options, and seamless embedding capabilities make it a valuable addition to any website. Empower your business with Dialoq and experience the benefits of AI-powered chatbots today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $19
  • $99
  • $349


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