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Create an advanced AI assistant for your business to improve customer support, save costs, and increase capacity with EBI.AI's unique platform

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About Ebi AI

EBI.AI: Transform Customer Support with Advanced AI Assistants

EBI.AI is an innovative AI assistant platform that enables businesses to enhance their customer support, reduce costs, and boost capacity. By creating and managing intelligent AI assistants, businesses can address up to 85% of routine customer inquiries from day one, with minimal setup time required.

Quick and Easy AI Assistant Creation

With EBI.AI's user-friendly platform, even those with no technical background can create an AI assistant for their business in just 15 minutes. The platform offers a wide range of features, including natural language processing, text-to-speech, and an AI-driven chatbot. For businesses seeking additional support, EBI.AI also offers a managed service where their experts can create and manage the AI assistant on your behalf.

Comprehensive Platform Features


EBI.AI's AI assistants can be deployed across multiple digital channels or phone lines simultaneously, ensuring seamless customer support.


The platform's Studio feature allows businesses to easily create and customize their AI assistant without any technical expertise.


Quickly connect your AI assistant to other business systems for a more streamlined workflow.


EBI.AI's custom-built messenger window ensures an enjoyable and engaging chat experience for customers.


The platform utilizes the most suitable AI service for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance.


Monitor your AI assistant's performance with a user-friendly dashboard that provides key performance data.


EBI.AI guarantees enterprise-grade security and compliance, including GDPR compliance and SOC 2 compliant data centers.


Get assistance and support from EBI.AI's resident AI assistant, Clawson, whenever needed.

Real-World Success Stories

EBI.AI has been successfully implemented across various industries, including insurance, local government, and travel. Legal & General Insurance, for example, utilizes an EBI.AI assistant to address 95% of their routine queries. Additionally, a London borough council has an AI assistant that understands 94% of questions about Council Tax, while ferry operator Stena Line relies on their EBI.AI assistant to handle 99% of booking queries.

Get Started with EBI.AI

EBI.AI offers a free platform trial, allowing businesses to experience the power of AI assistants without any initial investment. For those with questions, EBI.AI provides a discovery call service to address any concerns or inquiries. With EBI.AI's platform, businesses can revolutionize their customer support, increase capacity, and lower operational costs.

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