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Streamline access to your company's knowledge sources, respond faster, and boost efficiency with Pragma's innovative AI-driven platform

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About Pragma

Pragma: Unlock Your Organization's Knowledge with AI-Powered Solutions

Streamline access to your company's knowledge sources, respond faster, and increase efficiency with Pragma's innovative AI-driven platform.

Why Choose Pragma?

Powerful Knowledge Access: Pragma reveals and structures vital organizational knowledge that may be hidden or scattered across multiple platforms, enabling easy access whenever you need it.

Instant Answers: With the Chat with your Data feature, quickly get answers to your questions by accessing your organization's knowledge sources, Slack information, and past client conversations.

Faster Responses: Pragma's Gmail Integration offers auto-reply suggestions based on previous emails, generating complete replies and saving time.

FAQ Creation and Capture: Boost learning and best practices with access to verified responses and continuous updates on new processes.

Benefits of Using Pragma

Effortless Knowledge Access: Pragma provides fast and easy access to information across all your company's applications.

Anytime, Anywhere: Enhance client response times and reduce support costs by making client-facing information accessible wherever you work.

Stay Updated: Quickly identify missing or outdated information and create up-to-date knowledge with Pragma's AI capabilities.

Expert-Verified Knowledge: Collaborate with subject matter experts to contribute, approve, and improve your company's knowledge base.

How Teams Use Pragma

Enablement: Empower client-facing teams to sell faster, reduce search time for answers, and engage with clients more efficiently.

Content Adoption: Activate content adoption and streamline sales cycles with quicker access to information.

Knowledge Management: Use AI to unlock data sources or create and curate your own knowledge library, taking control of messaging to amplify best practices.

Knowledge Gap Identification: Use data-driven insights to understand customer inquiries and identify knowledge gaps, focusing on areas where your team needs the most support.

Revenue and Support Teams: Find information in real-time, respond confidently with verified answers, share best practices, and impact your bottom line by streamlining client interactions.


Pragma is an AI-powered solution that unlocks your organization's knowledge sources, streamlines access to information, and improves response times. With its innovative features and extensive applications, Pragma enables teams to operate more efficiently and effectively, driving business growth and success.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $9.99


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