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Boost productivity and engagement with Glean, the AI-powered workplace search tool that spans all your company's apps

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    Glean: AI-powered workplace search

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About Glean

In today's data-driven world, instant access to the right information is paramount. Glean, an AI-powered workplace search tool, promises to revolutionize the way businesses access, understand, and use their knowledge base.

Glean: Transforming the Workplace Experience

Glean leverages deep learning-based Language Models (LLMs) to offer semantic understanding for natural language queries, facilitating precise and instant search results across all your company's apps. By continually training on your company's unique language and context, Glean eliminates the need for manual fine-tuning and delivers personalized search results and knowledge discovery.

Glean's Features: Offering More than Just Search

Vector Search

Glean's AI-powered search leverages vector search technology to deliver real answers, grounded in your company's trusted knowledge model. This ensures that the answers you receive are relevant, precise, and actionable.

Personalized Results and Knowledge Discovery

Glean stands out from conventional search tools by offering personalized results and proactive knowledge discovery. It builds your company’s knowledge graph by understanding people, content, and interactions, ensuring every result is tailored to the individual user.

Glean goes a step further by suggesting the information you need, even before you search. Based on what you're working on, where you're mentioned, and what’s trending on your team, Glean anticipates your information needs and provides proactive suggestions.

Easy to Use and Ready to Go

With over 100 connectors, Glean seamlessly integrates with all the apps you already use, upholding the existing permissions of your data sources in search results. The setup is quick, and it scales effortlessly, meeting the capabilities and control needed for the largest enterprises.

Empowering Various Domains with Glean

Glean’s versatile functionality caters to various departments within an organization, including Engineering, Sales, Support, People, and Knowledge Management.


Glean helps engineers ship code faster by consolidating all relevant information in one place. It tracks down issues, provides context on code changes, and quickly finds related solutions for errors.


Glean empowers sales teams with a 360° view of prospects and customers, helping them prepare for meetings, keep accounts straight, and close more deals.


With Glean, support teams can find answers swiftly, resolve difficult cases, and keep their customers happy.


Glean's powerful search capabilities and work hub features help employees do their best work and stay aligned with one another.

Knowledge Management

Glean ensures your company’s knowledge works for its employees, rather than the other way around, by making it easy to find, organize, and share key information.


Glean is redefining the workplace experience by unlocking the power of AI-powered search. It goes beyond just finding information; it understands, organizes, and personalizes it. By incorporating Glean into your workplace, you're not just investing in a search tool, but a productivity powerhouse that will keep your teams informed, engaged, and ahead of the curve.

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