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Gamma.AI delivers AI-powered Data Loss Prevention for SaaS applications, ensuring people-centric security across all user activities

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About Gamma

Gamma.AI: AI-Powered Cloud Data Loss Prevention for SaaS Applications

Gamma.AI is an advanced AI-powered Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution designed to secure cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, offering comprehensive coverage across all devices, applications, and users.

Key Features of Gamma.AI

  • 360° View: Gain a people-centric view of security across all user activities
  • Contextual Perception: Achieve 99% accurate data discovery and classification with deep learning
  • Horizontal Coverage: Enjoy one-click deployment across all applications, devices, and users
  • User Democratization: Empower end-users with instant remediation capabilities

Benefits of Using Gamma.AI

By choosing Gamma.AI, organizations can:

  • Protect against data breaches: Mitigate the risks of human negligence, which accounts for over 95% of data breaches
  • Ensure accurate data classification: Utilize advanced deep learning for 99,5% accurate data classification
  • Seamlessly integrate: Integrate Gamma.AI with over 150 SaaS applications, including Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Github, and Microsoft Teams
  • Gain comprehensive coverage: Secure all sanctioned SaaS applications and personal devices used for corporate work

Gamma.AI's Areas of Application

Gamma.AI is a versatile solution that can be used to address various data security challenges, including:

  • Insider Threat Detection: Monitor user activities and detect potential security threats from within the organization
  • Cloud DLP: Secure sensitive data in cloud-based SaaS applications and prevent unauthorized access or sharing
  • Social Engineering Attacks: Defend against phishing and other social engineering attacks targeting employees

Getting Started with Gamma.AI

To start using Gamma.AI, simply:

  1. Sign up for a Gamma.AI account
  2. Deploy the solution across all desired applications, devices, and users with just one click
  3. Monitor user activities and receive notifications of potential security mistakes
  4. Empower end-users with instant remediation capabilities


Gamma.AI is a powerful AI-powered cloud DLP solution that provides comprehensive security for SaaS applications. With its focus on people-centric security, Gamma.AI helps organizations protect their users, detect violations, and remediate breaches effectively. Embrace the future of cloud data security with Gamma.AI today.

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