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Boost customer engagement & communication with Knowmax's AI-driven knowledge management platform for businesses

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About Knowmax

Empower CX Teams with Knowmax's AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Knowmax is an AI-driven knowledge management platform designed to enhance customer engagement and communication across various industries.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Knowmax offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to improve CX, including:

Single Source of Truth

Eliminate siloed information and access relevant knowledge instantly with Knowmax's Google-like search engine.

Cognitive Decision Trees

Create simple, interactive workflows for mistake-proof customer service using Knowmax's no-code decision trees.

Visual Guides

Minimize repetitive explanations and create visual how-to guides for agents and customers.

Self-Service Support

Leverage Knowmax's omnichannel-ready knowledge base to create self-help guides and free up agents for critical tasks.

Efficient Training

Utilize a single source of truth for fast, cost-effective learning, including process guides, documentation, and assessments.

Concurrent Chats Management

Handle multiple conversations simultaneously with Knowmax's Chrome extension for seamless customer support.

Benefits of Using Knowmax

Knowmax's next-gen knowledge management capabilities deliver significant advantages:

  • 80% less time to deliver answers
  • 30% increase in C-SAT
  • 60% queries self-served
  • 40% less employee onboarding time

Why Choose Knowmax?

Built by CX experts, Knowmax provides a single source of truth for your support teams, integrating knowledge and learning. The platform offers an AI Data migration engine for easy switching and seamless integration with your everyday tools.

Knowmax Solutions

  • Interactive Decision Tree Software
  • Picture Guides
  • Knowledge Base
  • AI Chatbot
  • Learning Management System

Use Cases

Knowmax addresses multiple use cases for different stakeholders in industries like contact centers, self-service, branches & field, augmented reality, remote working, and professional services.

Empower your organization with Knowmax's AI-powered knowledge management platform, designed to create a seamless customer experience and enhance employee knowledge and expertise, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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