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Sagify simplifies training and deployment of ML models on AWS SageMaker, empowering data scientists to focus on model development

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About Sagify

Simplify ML Training & Deployment with Sagify on AWS SageMaker

Sagify is a powerful command-line utility designed to help data scientists train and deploy machine learning (ML) and deep learning models on AWS SageMaker with minimal effort.

Key Features of Sagify

  • Effortless model training: Implement a train function and train ML models on AWS SageMaker with ease
  • Hyperparameter optimization: Run hyperparameter jobs on the cloud without infrastructure headaches
  • Streamlined model deployment: Implement a predict function to deploy models as RESTful endpoints or batch prediction pipelines

Benefits of Using Sagify

By choosing Sagify, data scientists can:

  • Focus on ML development: Eliminate time spent on configuring cloud instances and engineering tasks
  • Speed up experimentation: Quickly run multiple training jobs using the entire feature dataset
  • Enhance collaboration: Reduce the need for handover between ML and software engineering teams

Sagify's Areas of Application

Sagify is a versatile tool that can be used in various scenarios, including:

  • A/B testing: Compare ML models against existing heuristics for tasks like fraud detection
  • Model iteration: Accelerate model development and iteration by simplifying training and deployment processes
  • Team efficiency: Improve team efficiency by minimizing time spent on infrastructure-related tasks

Getting Started with Sagify

To start using Sagify, simply:

  1. Install the Sagify package for your Python project
  2. Implement a train function for model training
  3. For hyperparameter optimization, provide a path to a JSON file containing hyperparameter ranges
  4. Implement a predict function for model deployment


Sagify is an invaluable tool that streamlines the process of training and deploying ML models on AWS SageMaker, enabling data scientists to focus on model development and optimization. By adopting Sagify, teams can improve efficiency, accelerate experimentation, and simplify collaboration. Embrace the future of ML training and deployment with Sagify today.

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