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Explore Fibery AI, the work & knowledge hub powered by AI for space creation, text, automations, and more. Enhance productivity and creativity at work

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About Fibery AI

Discover Fibery AI, a revolutionary work and knowledge hub powered by AI for space creation, text improvement, automations, and more. Use Fibery AI to brainstorm ideas, enhance writing, automate tasks, and experiment with your process—all within the context where you work and think.

AI-Powered Space Creation and Customization

Fibery AI streamlines space setup, helping you start faster and easily experiment with your process. Enter a short prompt, and Fibery AI will create a customized space that meets your requirements, complete with databases, relations, an overview guide, sample data, and views. Iterate and improve your space settings anytime.

Fast Text Writing, Summarization, and Explanation

Enhance your writing, summarization, brainstorming, and planning with Fibery AI. Create Twitter threads from release notes, generate article titles, or develop checklists for tasks and features, all without leaving the Fibery environment.

Smooth Communication and Custom Commands

With Fibery AI, you can enjoy chat-like communication alongside your work. Control the predictability or creativity of AI-generated results using command temperature and create custom commands for frequent use cases. Keep your custom commands private or share them with your team.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Eliminate distractions from mundane tasks by automating repetitive actions with Fibery AI. Set up Automation Rules or Buttons to fill text, number, or rich-text fields and work faster and more efficiently.

Fibery AI: Unique Features and Benefits

Delegating and Automating with AI

Fibery AI goes beyond text and document editing, allowing you to delegate and automate repetitive tasks, simplify space creation, and soon analyze data with reports.

Powered by OpenAI GPT-3.5 API

Fibery AI leverages the power of OpenAI GPT-3.5 API to provide advanced AI capabilities for your work and knowledge management needs.

Affordable AI Integration

With Fibery AI, you can expect an estimated cost of ~$2-4 per month per user with heavy usage. Enjoy a free trial for text and space creation with 100 requests before setting up your OpenAI token.

Embrace the Power of Fibery AI for Enhanced Productivity

Fibery AI revolutionizes the way you manage work and knowledge with its AI-powered space creation, text improvement, automations, and more. Experience increased productivity and creativity at work by integrating Fibery AI into your daily processes. Try Fibery AI today and witness the transformation.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10
  • $17


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