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Access evidence-based answers in seconds with Consensus, an AI-driven search engine that extracts key findings from millions of scientific research papers

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About Consensus

Unlock the power of Consensus, an innovative search engine that uses AI to extract and distill findings directly from millions of scientific research papers. From nutrition and exercise to economic policy, Consensus makes you an expert on research in seconds, providing evidence-based answers at your fingertips.

Key Features of Consensus

  • Scientific Results: Consensus focuses on peer-reviewed, published sources to ensure high-quality, reliable information.
  • Instant Analysis: The AI reads papers for you and extracts key findings for quick, efficient access to information.
  • 100% Ad-Free: Consensus prioritizes results from scientists, not marketing teams, for an unbiased search experience.

How Consensus Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Enter Your Query

Submit your query to Consensus and let the AI-powered search engine do the work for you.

Step 2: Search Through Millions of Papers

Consensus searches its extensive database of scientific papers, identifying a subset of relevant content based on keywords.

Step 3: Extract Key Findings

The Consensus AI model reads the relevant papers, extracting sentences that present evidence-based findings.

Step 4: Receive a Curated List of Results

Consensus delivers a list of findings sorted by relevance, quality, citation count, and publication date. The results are all pulled directly from scientific research, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Benefits of Using Consensus for Research

Time-Efficient Information Retrieval

Consensus saves you time by quickly extracting key findings from a vast database of scientific papers, providing instant access to evidence-based answers.

Reliable and Unbiased Results

By focusing on peer-reviewed, published sources, Consensus offers a dependable and unbiased research experience.

Stay Informed and Up-to-Date

Consensus helps you stay informed and current on the latest research findings, making you an instant expert in your area of interest.

Experience the Power of Consensus Today

Transform your research process with Consensus, the AI-driven search engine that delivers evidence-based answers from millions of scientific papers in just seconds. Try Consensus now and experience a new way to access and utilize scientific knowledge.

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