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Consensus Evidence Based Answers, Faster 14 March 2023

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Consensus AI: A New Horizon in Evidence-based Search

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Consensus AI carves out a niche for itself as a unique search tool, poised to challenge the dominance of major search engines such as Google. This innovative platform utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver search results backed by evidence from peer-reviewed studies, making it an excellent resource for in-depth, academic, and professional research.

Introducing Consensus AI

Consensus AI distinguishes itself from conventional search engines with its unique value proposition. Unlike traditional ad-supported search engines, Consensus AI presents users with evidence-based results extracted from a wide array of peer-reviewed studies. This approach enables users to make informed decisions based on factual evidence, rather than sift through a plethora of potentially biased or irrelevant results.

User Experience and Features

The user experience with Consensus AI is straightforward and intuitive. Upon logging in, users are presented with a search interface where they can input their queries. The platform's AI technology then scours through numerous peer-reviewed research papers to provide relevant answers.

Notably, the platform presents its findings in the form of 'tiles, ' each representing a key finding extracted by the AI. It's essential to note that these tiles are not endorsements of truth but rather curated pieces of information. Users are encouraged to delve deeper into the details and draw their own conclusions.

Interpretation of Results and Confidence Scores

While Consensus AI does an excellent job at collating relevant research findings, it currently does not provide a confidence score or a measure of accuracy for the presented findings. This means that users are required to interpret the results and discern the truth on their own. As such, critical thinking and further exploration into the details of each finding are encouraged.

Practical Application of Consensus AI

When applied to real-world queries, Consensus AI proves to be an effective tool for research. By presenting a compilation of findings from relevant research papers, it provides users with a starting point to further explore and understand the topic in question.

For example, in the context of legal or economic research, the platform can provide insights into the physical and mental health trends within a profession or the long-term impacts of bank bailouts on the U.S. economy. From these insights, users can navigate to the source papers, some of which may be behind paywalls, while others are freely accessible.


Consensus AI stands out as an invaluable tool for anyone seeking evidence-backed research for academic or professional purposes. It streamlines the process of sourcing secondary resources, making it a handy tool for compiling papers, memos, or presentations. With its emphasis on evidence-based results, Consensus AI is set to redefine the way we approach online research.



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