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Introducing Consensus: The AI-Powered Search Engine for Scientific Research

In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, Consensus stands out as a groundbreaking innovation. This newly launched search engine is specifically designed to deliver findings directly from scientific research, offering a unique value proposition for anyone seeking answers.

Consensus: Unveiling The Power of AI in Research

Consensus harnesses the power of AI to provide accurate and detailed research results for any query, offering a novel way to explore scientific literature.

Direct Answers from Research Papers

Consensus operates on a unique concept: it extracts information directly from relevant research papers to answer user queries. By doing so, it eliminates the clutter of advertisements and provides users with the author's findings, drawn straight from their studies.

A Comprehensive Resource for Diverse Research Fields

Consensus's broad scope of application extends beyond traditional physical and life sciences to incorporate mental health, fitness, social sciences, and economics.

A Powerful Tool for Fitness and Mental Health Research

Whether users are looking for information about the benefits of mindfulness or the latest fitness supplements, Consensus delivers pertinent conclusions extracted directly from scientific research.

In-depth Information on Social Sciences and Economics

In addition to health-related topics, Consensus also provides valuable insights into social sciences and economics. If a topic has been studied and peer-reviewed, Consensus ensures that users can access what the experts have to say quickly and conveniently.

Enhanced User Experience and Information Accessibility

Consensus goes beyond providing answers by offering additional features that enhance the user experience and promote information accessibility.

Sharing Findings and Research Pages

Users can easily share individual findings or entire research pages with friends, colleagues, or on social media, making Consensus an excellent tool for collaborative research and discussions.

Detailed Study Context and Full Text Access

For users seeking more context or in-depth information, Consensus provides details about the study from which the finding is extracted, as well as a link to the full text. This feature ensures that users can delve as deep as they want into the research.


Though in its beta stage, Consensus represents a significant step towards a more scientifically informed world. As the platform evolves, it promises to redefine how we explore and understand scientific research, making this knowledge more accessible and actionable than ever before. For those seeking scientifically backed answers, Consensus is an invaluable resource.



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