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Discover, understand and learn research papers with ease using SciSpace. Find connected and relevant papers, automate tasks, and collaborate efficiently.

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About SciSpace

SciSpace is a research paper discovery and learning platform that simplifies research discovery and learning. With access to metadata of 200 million+ research papers and 50 million+ Open Access full-text PDFs, SciSpace is designed to help researchers, publishers, and institutions collaborate and work more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and discovering information quickly.

One of the key benefits of SciSpace is its AI-powered simple explanations and answers for every paper you read, making it easier for researchers to understand and learn. Additionally, the platform offers a network of connected and relevant papers, making it easier for researchers to find related studies in their field.

SciSpace is ideal for researchers, publishers, and institutions looking to accelerate their research and scientific breakthroughs. The platform's end-to-end purpose-built workspace helps researchers to save time and work more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying research discovery and learning.

With access to a vast repository of research papers across domains, SciSpace enables researchers to discover relevant information quickly and simplify research discovery and learning. Moreover, it is a useful tool for publishers and institutions to collaborate and work efficiently. SciSpace offers a free trial for users to explore the platform and experience the benefits of AI-powered research discovery and learning.

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