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Exploring Consensus AI: The Next Generation Research Tool

In the digital age where artificial intelligence is transforming how we interact with information, Consensus AI is shaping the way we conduct research. This cutting-edge tool operates as a search engine dedicated solely to research papers, offering a unique and valuable solution for anyone seeking in-depth, referenced information.

Understanding Consensus AI

Consensus AI is more than a search engine. It utilizes artificial intelligence to provide precise answers drawn directly from scientific research papers. It's a tool designed to surface real, unembellished data from the very source of knowledge — scholarly research.

Real References, Not Hallucinated Data

Unlike other AI models that may generate or «hallucinate» references, Consensus AI pulls information directly from research papers. Its answers are backed by documented studies, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness of the information it provides.

Diverse Fields of Research at Your Fingertips

Consensus AI isn't limited to any one field. It caters to a broad spectrum of research areas ranging from social policy, medicine, and mental health, to economics and sleep studies.

Ask Simple Questions, Get Precise Answers

Whether you want to understand the relationship between concepts, learn about the effects of a specific practice, or seek information on a particular topic, Consensus AI is equipped to handle your queries. The platform delivers summarized answers from related research papers, making complex scientific findings accessible and easy to understand.

Features That Enhance Research Experience

In addition to providing reliable answers, Consensus AI offers additional features that enhance the user experience, making research more efficient and results more digestible.

Synthesized Summaries of Findings

Consensus AI offers a 'synthesize' feature, currently in beta, that attempts to provide a summarized interpretation of the most relevant findings. While not yet 100% accurate, it can analyze up to ten papers at a time, presenting a summarized consensus of the findings.

Ratings for Research Sources

Consensus AI assigns ratings to research sources, indicating their rigor and reliability. This helps users evaluate the credibility of the information provided. For instance, a research source ranked in the top 10% of journals by citation score is labeled as a 'very rigorous journal.'


Consensus AI, despite still being in its beta phase, is already showing great promise as an innovative tool for research. It combines the power of AI with the wealth of knowledge contained in scientific research papers, making science accessible and consumable for all. With Consensus AI, users can engage with research topics in a more informed and reliable manner, ultimately making better decisions based on authentic and credible information.



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