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Discover SchoolAI, an AI-driven platform designed to save time and effort for teachers and administrators by automating their writing tasks

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About SchoolAI

SchoolAI: Streamline Education with AI-Powered Writing Tools

SchoolAI is a cutting-edge AI-driven platform that helps teachers and school administrators save time and effort by automating various writing tasks. With its powerful features, SchoolAI revolutionizes the way educators approach their daily responsibilities.

Key Features of SchoolAI

Personalization Dashboard

SchoolAI's personalization dashboard allows users to store their information, including name, institution details, term dates, and language preferences, for tailored results in their chosen language.

Email and Letter Mode

Quickly draft emails or letters to various audiences, such as children, parents, or staff, by entering details in the Description box and selecting the desired Tone and Length.

Mark and Grade Mode

Efficiently grade assignments, essays, and homework using AI. Simply paste the text to be marked and provide the target year group, subject, assignment title, and length of response.

Lesson Plan Mode

Create lesson plans with ease by entering a few details and selecting the length of the lesson. Users can then generate resources for the lesson plan in Resource mode.

Resource from Lesson Plan

Generate learning resources, such as handouts or timelines, by selecting the Kind of Resource, adding a description, year group, subject, and length.

Quiz Mode

Create quizzes effortlessly by entering a description, target year group, subject, and length. AI will generate the quiz with answers listed at the end.

Brainstorm Mode

Find inspiration for events, assemblies, or plays by inputting keywords or a description, year group, and result length. SchoolAI's AI will brainstorm ideas for you.

Time Saved Counter

Track the time saved across all documents to see the cumulative benefits of using SchoolAI.


SchoolAI is transforming the education sector by providing teachers and administrators with an AI-driven platform that automates various writing tasks, saving valuable time and effort. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, SchoolAI enables educators to focus on their primary responsibilities and enhance the learning experience for their students. Experience the benefits of SchoolAI and revolutionize your approach to education today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10


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