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Discover Seenapse, an AI tool that combines human lateral thinking and AI speed to generate unique, creative ideas in minutes for any project

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Pricing options

  • $25
  • $500

About Seenapse

Seenapse: The AI-Powered Lateral Thinking Tool for Creative Ideas

Seenapse is a groundbreaking AI tool that revolutionizes the way individuals and teams generate creative ideas. Combining human lateral thinking with the power of artificial intelligence, Seenapse delivers a plethora of unique and engaging possibilities in mere minutes.

Discover Interesting Ideas with Seenapse

While other AI-based tools often produce merely satisfactory ideas, Seenapse goes the extra mile by generating:

Standout Features
  • Interesting, surprising ideas pointing to diverse creative directions
  • Inspiration from human input, amplified by AI technology
  • Rapid generation of divergent possibilities for users to explore

Embrace Your Role as Creative Director

With Seenapse, you maintain full control over the creative process:

User Benefits
  • Swiftly review dozens of divergent ideas, honing in on those with potential
  • Transform «ugly ducklings» into exceptional, polished concepts
  • Enhance your role as a creative director with AI-assisted brainstorming

Stress-Free Pitch Preparation

Seenapse is a game-changer for those facing high-pressure pitches:

Pitching Advantages
  • Quickly generate captivating ideas within tight deadlines
  • Reduce stress and improve productivity during pitch preparations
  • Focus on refining ideas instead of struggling to come up with them

Seamless Integration and Customization

Seenapse caters to a variety of users with different plans for individuals, small teams, and large teams. Additionally, the tool offers:

Seamless Compatibility
  • Integration with Google Docs for a smooth workflow
  • Custom functionality and integrations available upon request
  • Adaptable pricing plans to accommodate varying needs

Transform Your Creative Process with Seenapse

Seenapse is the ultimate tool for those seeking fresh, engaging ideas in a short amount of time. By harnessing the power of AI and human lateral thinking, Seenapse enables users to brainstorm more efficiently and effectively. Try Seenapse today and experience the future of creative idea generation.

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Pricing options

  • $25
  • $500


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