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Education Copilot streamlines lesson planning with AI-generated templates, educational handouts, and time-saving tools for teachers

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About Education Copilot

Revolutionize Lesson Planning with Education Copilot AI

In the ever-evolving world of education, teachers are continually seeking ways to optimize their time and resources. Education Copilot, an AI-driven tool, is here to revolutionize lesson planning and material creation by providing efficient, high-quality templates in seconds.

Streamline Planning and Preparation

Education Copilot makes it easy for teachers to get started and finish their planning and preparation in less time. It offers an array of features designed to support educators in crafting lesson plans, educational handouts, student reports, project outlines, and more.

Lesson Planning: The core of Education Copilot is the AI lesson planner, perfect for generating structured lesson plans for any subject, lesson, or concept.

Educational Handouts: Teachers can quickly generate handouts covering everything they and their students need to know about a specific topic, concept, or subject area.

10+ Tools: Education Copilot currently offers over ten tools to save time in and outside of the classroom, with new tools added regularly based on user suggestions.

Supports English and Spanish

Education Copilot recognizes the importance of language accessibility and supports both English and Spanish languages. This flexibility allows teachers to create materials for a broader range of students, catering to diverse language needs.

Ideal for Grades 4 and Up

While Education Copilot is a versatile tool, it works best for generating lesson plans and educational handouts for teachers with students in grades 4 and up. This focus ensures that materials generated are age-appropriate and tailored to the needs of the target audience.

Versatile Material Generation

Education Copilot is capable of generating educational handouts, lesson plans, student reports, and more. Its versatility covers subjects such as biology, economics, rocket science, astrodynamics, and even complex subject areas like nouns and verbs. If you can think of it, Copilot can create it.

Easy to Use

To use Education Copilot, simply click «try for free» to access the signup page. From there, you can give Copilot detailed instructions using any of the 10+ tools. Once your first AI lesson plan is generated, you can edit it to your liking and view it when needed in your output history.

Join 200+ Teachers Already Using Copilot

Over 200 teachers have already adopted Education Copilot, experiencing firsthand the benefits of AI-generated lesson planning and material creation. Try it for free and discover how it can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most — your students.


Education Copilot is an innovative AI-driven tool that streamlines lesson planning and material creation for teachers, revolutionizing the way they prepare for their classes. With AI-generated templates, educational handouts, and time-saving tools, Education Copilot is the ultimate resource for educators seeking to optimize their time and provide high-quality materials for their students. Experience the benefits of AI in lesson planning and join the growing number of teachers using Education Copilot today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $9


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