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Transform email communication with Mailr, the AI-powered email assistant that drafts messages in a single click and customizes tones to suit your needs

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About Mailr

Mailr: The Future of Email Communication

Discover Mailr, the AI-powered email writing assistant that's transforming the way you draft messages. With just a single click, Mailr generates professional emails tailored to your needs, saving you precious time and effort.

Write Emails 10x Faster with Mailr's AI Technology

Mailr harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to write and reply to emails in an instant. By integrating advanced AI algorithms, Mailr simplifies the email drafting process, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Achieve Your Email Goals with Ease

To use Mailr, simply provide the instruction (the goal of your email) in a few short words. The AI algorithm takes care of the rest, generating an email message that effectively conveys your intended message.

Customize Your Tone for a Personal Touch

Mailr offers more than 10 custom tones to choose from, including friendly, informal, persuasive, and more. Select the tone that best suits your intended message, and let Mailr customize the email content accordingly. This ensures that your emails resonate with your recipients, fostering stronger connections.

Save Time and Take Control of Your Inbox

The average professional spends over 2.5 hours each day tediously answering emails. Mailr's AI email assistant can significantly reduce this time, allowing you to regain control of your inbox and focus on more critical tasks.

Mailr: A Chrome Extension for Seamless Integration

Mailr is available as a free Chrome extension that can be downloaded on all Chrome devices and platforms. The seamless integration with your browser ensures that Mailr is always ready to assist you with your email drafting needs.

Free and Premium Tiers to Suit Your Requirements

The free version of Mailr allows you to compose new emails, customize tones, and has a 2,000-word limit. If you require more features and a higher word limit, Mailr offers a premium tier for $4.99 per month. The premium plan includes 100,000+ words per month, faster email generation, and early access to beta features.

Stay Updated with Mailr's Newsletter

Mailr also offers a newsletter that keeps you informed about updates, latest features, and opportunities to participate in frequent giveaways. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your email communication experience with Mailr's innovative features.


Mailr is revolutionizing email communication by offering an AI-powered email writing assistant that drafts messages in a single click, right from your browser. This time-saving tool allows you to customize the tone of your emails, ensuring they align with your intended message and resonate with your recipients.

By integrating Mailr as a Chrome extension, you can streamline your email communication process and regain control of your inbox. With both free and premium tiers available, Mailr caters to a wide range of user needs.

Transform your email writing experience and boost your productivity with Mailr, the future of email communication.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $4.99


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