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Roshi simplifies lesson creation from any online content, offering automatic text simplification and question generation

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About Roshi

Revolutionize Lesson Planning with Roshi's AI Tool

In the age of digital learning, educators are constantly seeking effective and efficient ways to create engaging lesson plans. Roshi, an innovative AI tool, has emerged as a game-changer, simplifying the process of creating learning material from any online source in a single click.

Simplify Online Text into Lesson Material

Roshi offers the unique ability to convert any news article from the web into a lesson. This feature allows educators to incorporate current events and real-world examples into their teaching, enhancing student engagement and understanding. Moreover, the AI-powered tool can automatically simplify the text to an appropriate level, ensuring the content is accessible and comprehensible for all students.

Create Questions Tailored to Your Lesson

To enhance learning and comprehension, Roshi enables teachers to create questions based on the lesson content. This feature ensures that assessments align with the teaching material, providing a comprehensive learning experience for students. Additionally, it facilitates differentiated instruction by allowing teachers to tailor questions to the specific needs and abilities of their students.

Analyze Your Lesson Content in Detail

Roshi goes beyond just creating learning materials — it provides an in-depth analysis of lesson content. This feature allows educators to evaluate the effectiveness of their lessons and make necessary adjustments, leading to improved learning outcomes.

Applications of Roshi

Roshi's innovative AI tool caters to a variety of users in the educational sector:

  1. School Teachers: Roshi streamlines lesson planning, enabling teachers to save time on class preparation and focus more on instruction and student interaction.
  2. Online Tutors: For tutors conducting lessons online, Roshi simplifies the creation of engaging and tailored learning materials.
  3. Educational Content Creators: Roshi is an excellent tool for ed-tech companies and content creators aiming to produce relevant and accessible learning materials quickly.
  4. University Professors: Roshi enables higher-education professionals to incorporate current research and news articles into their teaching easily, enhancing the relevance of course content.

Trusted by Top Institutions

Roshi's impact extends beyond individual classrooms. The tool is trusted by top institutions and organizations, including English Online Inc., The University of British Columbia, and the Waterloo Region District School Board. These organizations recognize the value of Roshi's AI tool in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of lesson planning and delivery.


In the evolving landscape of education, Roshi's AI tool is leading the way in revolutionizing lesson planning. By automating the creation of learning materials from online sources, Roshi saves educators valuable time, enhances the relevance of teaching materials, and ultimately, improves student learning outcomes. Experience the transformative power of Roshi and elevate your teaching today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $14


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