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Collie simplifies embedding knowledge hubs on your website, offering an intelligent search experience and personalized user guidance for improved conversion

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About Collie

Collie: Streamline Your Website with One-Click Embedded Knowledge Hubs

Collie is an AI-driven tool that revolutionizes website search functionality by creating embedded knowledge hubs in just a few simple steps. With Collie, website owners can efficiently manage content and offer users a seamless, intelligent search experience.

How Collie Works: A Seamless Process

Collie's effortless integration process involves three easy steps:

  1. Connect Data: Provide your website URL for Collie to fetch site assets, or contact the team for additional data fetching.
  2. Import Scripts: Receive an API key, and add the script imports to your website.
  3. Start Delighting: Add your div ID to your website, and enjoy your new, enhanced search functionality.

Fix Your Leaky Conversion Funnel with Collie

Collie's intelligent cookie securely tracks browsing progress, offering personalized summaries and guided next steps upon the user's return:

  • Track: Securely monitor users' browsing activities, recording progress as they navigate your site.
  • Summarize: Generate summaries with references and next steps based on the user's last visited page.
  • Guide: Present users with summaries, next steps, and resources upon their return to keep them engaged.
  • Convert: Optimize your conversion funnel, whether it's subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or signing up for your product.

The Power of Collie Fetcher and Mixpeek

Collie fetcher is an automated web scraping program that extracts content, media, and files from the provided URL, visiting linked pages and repeating the process. It then adds the assets to a search index called Mixpeek, making them searchable.

Security and Supported File Formats

Collie is designed with security in mind, extracting content and files securely. Users can delete their files at any time by contacting the team. The tool supports various file formats, including PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio, HTML, and Text.

Crawling Speed and Pricing

Crawling speed depends on the number of pages on the website, but users are notified via email when the search is ready. Collie is free for up to 1000 pages or files, with private content search available through beta sign-up.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Website with Collie's Embedded Knowledge Hubs

Collie simplifies the process of embedding knowledge hubs on your website, providing users with an intelligent search experience and personalized guidance. The AI-driven tool streamlines content management and enhances conversion funnels, benefiting website owners and users alike. Experience the power of Collie and elevate your website search functionality today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $50


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