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Discover Trellis, the AI-powered custom tutor that simplifies learning and enhances your educational experience

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About Trellis

Introducing Trellis: AI-Powered Custom Tutor and Textbook Companion

Trellis is an innovative AI-powered education tool designed to provide personalized tutoring and textbook assistance, making learning more accessible and enjoyable.

Key Features of Trellis

Customized 24/7 Tutor

Trellis offers a Socratic guide that explains any material and quizzes learners for a better understanding, adapting to each individual's learning style.

Visualizations for Better Understanding

The tool simplifies confusing sentences by generating visuals using proprietary machine learning, enhancing comprehension.

Automatic Flashcard Creation

As learners read, Trellis automatically creates flashcards with questions and answers similar to what they will be tested on, simplifying the study process.

Benefits of Using Trellis

Accessible Learning

Trellis makes learning more accessible by simplifying complex materials and providing personalized tutoring at an affordable price.

No More Embarrassment

With Trellis, learners can ask questions without feeling embarrassed or overwhelmed, promoting a more positive learning environment.

Expertise Behind Trellis

Developed by a team from top institutions such as Stanford, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Meta, Trellis boasts a solid foundation in both education and AI technology.

Personalized Learning

Trellis tailors its tutoring to each learner's unique needs, ensuring an effective and enjoyable educational experience.

Applications of Trellis

Trellis is ideal for students, lifelong learners, or anyone seeking a personalized, AI-powered tutor to enhance their learning experience. The tool is compatible with a wide range of subjects and learning materials, providing assistance and support whenever needed.


Trellis is a game-changing AI-powered custom tutor and textbook companion designed to simplify learning and provide personalized support. With its innovative features, expert development team, and commitment to accessible education, Trellis is the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their learning experience. Experience the power of personalized AI tutoring with Trellis today.

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