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Discover Fobizz, a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools and resources designed to simplify and secure digital teaching for educators and students

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About Fobizz

Elevate Digital Teaching with Fobizz's AI Tools and Resources

As technology becomes an integral part of education, teachers and students need access to user-friendly and secure digital tools. Fobizz provides a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools and resources designed to simplify and enhance digital teaching, while ensuring data privacy and security.

AI-Powered Tools for Effortless Content Creation

Fobizz offers innovative AI assistants that streamline the content creation process for educators:

AI Assistant for Texts: This AI-powered tool generates suggestions for lesson design, helping teachers create engaging and effective learning experiences for students.

AI Assistant for Images: With the ability to turn text descriptions into creative images, this AI assistant enables teachers to create visually appealing and informative materials with ease.

AI Assistant for Speech: Converting video and voice recordings into text is a breeze with this powerful tool, making it easier to create transcripts, summaries, and captions for multimedia content.

Versatile Digital Tools for Enhanced Learning

In addition to AI-powered assistants, Fobizz offers a wide range of digital tools that cater to various educational needs:

Shared Spaces for Students: Create a collaborative environment where students can work with preselected tools in individual or shared spaces.

Create a Worksheet: Easily design and share unique worksheets, and evaluate them online for efficient assessment.

Teaching Board: Structure lesson content and create multimedia teaching boards to present information in an engaging manner.

Collaborative Pinboard: Use a pinboard to collaborate with others and share content via cards, fostering teamwork and information sharing among students.

Create a Survey: Gather feedback or assess student understanding with custom surveys.

Create a Website: Build and share temporary websites for class projects or announcements.

Share Video, Audio, and Screen Recordings: Securely create and share various types of recordings to enhance learning experiences.

Create a Word Cloud: Foster collaboration with a shared word cloud, encouraging students to contribute their ideas.

Shorten a Link: Simplify sharing by creating short links for easy access.

Share a File: Upload and securely share files via a link, ensuring data privacy.

Generate a QR Code: Create custom QR codes from any link for easy sharing and scanning.

Simple, Data Privacy Friendly, and Secure

Fobizz is committed to providing a secure and data privacy-friendly platform, complying with DSGVO regulations. This ensures that educators and students can confidently use the platform, knowing their data is protected.


Fobizz's comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools and resources is revolutionizing digital teaching for educators and students. By offering user-friendly and secure solutions for content creation, collaboration, and assessment, Fobizz empowers teachers to create engaging and effective learning experiences. With its commitment to data privacy and security, Fobizz is an invaluable resource for the modern classroom. Try Fobizz today and experience the benefits of AI-enhanced digital teaching.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $9.92
  • $14.92
  • $19,.92


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