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Revolutionize teaching and planning with Teachology AI. Harness artificial intelligence to create lesson plans, assessments, and personalized feedback

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About Teachology AI

Enhance Teaching and Planning with Teachology AI

Teachology AI is a cutting-edge platform designed to help educators utilize artificial intelligence in their pedagogy and planning. With a range of innovative tools and features, Teachology AI streamlines lesson creation, assessment building, and personalized feedback, allowing teachers to focus on what matters most — their students.

Key Features of Teachology AI

AI-Powered Lesson Planning

Create lesson plans in minutes with the help of Teachology AI's intelligent algorithms. Export your lessons to your preferred formats for seamless integration into your existing teaching materials.

Generate Quiz Questions and External Resources

Enrich your lesson plans with automatically generated quiz questions and relevant external resources to further engage and challenge your students.

Build Rich Assessments with Rubrics

Construct outcome-driven assessments with robust marking criteria quickly and efficiently, saving you time and ensuring consistent evaluation standards.

Provide Meaningful Feedback

Give personalized feedback, report comments, and reflections aligned to your expectations, supporting students' growth and development.

Additional Teachology AI Features

  • Integration with multiple learning frameworks
  • Syllabus design assistance (Coming soon)
  • Unit of work planning (Coming soon)

Benefits of Using Teachology AI

Time-Saving Efficiency

Teachology AI streamlines lesson planning, assessment creation, and feedback processes, allowing educators to save valuable time and focus on their students.

Consistent Pedagogical Approach

By utilizing AI-driven tools, Teachology AI ensures a consistent and effective pedagogical approach across all teaching materials and student interactions.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Teachology AI's personalized feedback and tailored resources enable educators to provide individualized learning experiences that cater to each student's unique needs.


Teachology AI is revolutionizing the way educators approach pedagogy and planning. With its powerful AI-driven tools, Teachology AI empowers teachers to create engaging lesson plans, build effective assessments, and provide meaningful feedback tailored to each student's needs. Transform your teaching practice and elevate your students' learning experiences with Teachology AI today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $6
  • $12


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