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Mailbutler's AI Smart Assistant streamlines your email management, offering features like Smart Compose, Smart Respond, and more

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About Mailbutler

Unleash the Power of Mailbutler's AI Smart Assistant

Managing emails can be time-consuming and frustrating. Mailbutler's AI Smart Assistant is here to revolutionize your email experience with its powerful features designed for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail users.

Smart Compose: Draft Emails Effortlessly

Gone are the days of struggling to write an email quickly. Mailbutler's Smart Assistant offers a Smart Compose feature that drafts emails for you. Provide a few keywords, and the AI assistant generates a draft that you can edit and send with ease.

Smart Respond: Efficient Email Replies

No more spending hours responding to emails. Mailbutler's Smart Assistant, with its Smart Respond feature, generates email responses based on a few keywords. Insert the generated response into your compose window, make any necessary edits, and hit send.

Smart Summarize: Stay on Top of Your Inbox

Keeping track of important details in your emails can be challenging. Mailbutler's Smart Summarize feature instantly provides an overview of pertinent information from an email, ensuring you always know what's happening in your inbox.

Smart Improve: Perfect Your Messages

Mailbutler's Smart Assistant can refine the spelling and grammar of your emails, helping you craft flawless messages. Click the Smart Improve button and receive suggestions to enhance your email content.

Contact Finder: Keep Your Contacts Organized

It's easy to forget to add new contacts or save their information. Mailbutler's Smart Assistant simplifies this process with its Contact Finder feature. In just a few clicks, the assistant gathers relevant contact information and adds it to your Mailbutler Contacts, where you can edit details as needed.

Task Finder: Streamline Your To-Do List

Creating task lists from emails can be tedious, but not with Mailbutler's Smart Assistant. The AI scans your emails and provides a list of tasks that need to be completed, which can be quickly added to the Mailbutler Tasks feature, keeping you organized and efficient.

How Does Mailbutler's Smart Assistant Work?

Mailbutler's Smart Assistant is powered by OpenAI, a cutting-edge AI that communicates conversationally with users. This advanced technology enables the Smart Assistant to write coherent, accurate emails with minimal user input.

Early Access: Test Drive the Future

Mailbutler's Smart Assistant is currently in early access, allowing you to test its capabilities before the official launch. While some features may still be in development, this trial offers a glimpse into the potential of AI-driven email management.

Compatibility with Popular Email Clients

Mailbutler's Smart Assistant is compatible with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail, ensuring seamless integration with the most widely used email clients.


Mailbutler's AI Smart Assistant is a game-changer for email management, offering innovative features that save time, streamline tasks, and enhance productivity. Embrace the power of AI and experience the future of email management with Mailbutler today.

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Pricing options

  • $4.95
  • $8.95
  • $14.95
  • $32.95


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