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CheckforAi analyzes content for AI similarity, helping to uphold confidence in written work and maintain genuine content

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About CheckforAi

CheckforAi: Verify Written Work with AI Detection

CheckforAi is a powerful AI detection tool designed to maintain confidence in written work by analyzing content for AI similarity. Combining Open AI's Roberta-base model for GPT detection and proprietary models, CheckforAi offers a reliable solution for verifying text, files, and documents.

High Accuracy AI Detection

With a 95% accuracy rate, CheckforAi's hybrid model effectively limits false readings, providing trustworthy results. As the tool continues to evolve, user feedback will play a crucial role in further enhancing its accuracy.

Identify High-Risk Content

CheckforAi helps users identify content that may be penalized by search engines and publishers due to AI generation. By gaining insight into high-risk articles, users can ensure the genuineness of their written work.

Verify Academic Work

Regain trust in student work by detecting essays and homework assignments that share similarities with AI-generated content. With CheckforAi, educational institutions can confidently adopt AI in the classroom while maintaining academic integrity.

Confirm Genuine Content

Whether for personal or business use, AI detection tools like CheckforAi provide valuable insights into the authenticity of content. Determine if a summary report or generic email was genuinely written or generated by AI.


CheckforAi is an essential tool for upholding confidence in written work by detecting AI-generated content. Its high-accuracy hybrid model and multiple use cases make it a valuable asset for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals alike. Sign up today to start analyzing content with CheckforAi and ensure the integrity of your text, files, and documents.

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