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GPTZero helps educators and organizations detect AI-generated text, ensuring content authenticity with over 1 million satisfied users

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About GPTZero

GPTZero: The Ultimate AI Detection Solution for Educators and Organizations

GPTZero is a powerful AI detection tool designed for educators, organizations, and anyone seeking to identify AI-generated content in written work.

GPTZero's Comprehensive Detection Capabilities

Plagiarism Scores

GPTZero provides a holistic score indicating the percentage of AI-generated content within a document, ensuring content authenticity.

Highlighted Portions

The tool identifies and highlights individual AI-generated sentences for easy detection and analysis.

File Batch Uploads

GPTZero supports batch file uploads, allowing users to check multiple files simultaneously, streamlining the process for educators.

API Integration for Organizations

An easy-to-use API enables organizations to seamlessly integrate GPTZero into their existing systems.

Customized Setup and Integration Support

GPTZero's team of engineers can customize endpoints to suit clients' specific needs and provide integration support.

GPTZero's Impressive Reach and Reputation

GPTZero boasts over 1 million users and has been featured in major news outlets like CNN, BBC, and The New York Times. The tool has been adopted by educational institutions worldwide, including NYU and Purdue.

Collaborative Partnerships for Constant Improvement

GPTZero is committed to continuously improving its detection capabilities. The company partners with organizations like K16 Solutions and Canvas to ensure regular updates and enhancements.


GPTZero is the leading AI detection tool for educators and organizations looking to ensure content authenticity. With over 1 million users and a comprehensive suite of features, GPTZero is the go-to solution for detecting AI-generated text in written work. Experience the power and reliability of GPTZero today and join the fight against AI-generated plagiarism.

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