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AICheatCheck helps educators verify student work authenticity with 99.7% accuracy, ensuring academic integrity in the AI era

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About AICheatCheck

AICheatCheck: Ensuring Academic Integrity with AI Detection

AICheatCheck offers a reliable solution for educational institutions to preserve academic integrity by verifying the authenticity of students' work.

AICheatCheck's Cutting-Edge Detection

High Accuracy

AICheatCheck has achieved an impressive 99,7% accuracy rate in detecting the presence of GPT models in student work, as detailed in their white paper.

In-Depth Methodology

The white paper also provides insights into the methodology followed to achieve high accuracy, allowing users to better understand the underlying model.

Key Features of AICheatCheck

Analyzing Sentence Structure

The tool carefully analyzes sentence structure, allowing it to accurately identify AI-generated content within student submissions.

Assessing Readability

AICheatCheck also examines readability to detect AI-generated work, further ensuring the academic integrity of the content being evaluated.

Utilizing AICheatCheck in Educational Institutions

Universities and Companies

AICheatCheck is available for use by universities and companies, with interested parties able to schedule a demo or contact them through their website.

Language and Length Limitations

The tool currently supports only the English language and is most accurate when evaluating content above 50 words in length.

Educational Tool Development

The company is working on creating an educational tool for teachers and professors to recognize AI-written content, further expanding its applications.


AICheatCheck is an essential tool for educators seeking to maintain academic integrity in the age of AI. With a remarkable 99,7% accuracy rate, the tool verifies the authenticity of student work by analyzing sentence structure and readability. By using AICheatCheck, educational institutions can confidently ensure that students' work is not generated by AI, thus upholding academic integrity and fostering genuine learning. Experience the power of AICheatCheck today.

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