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Discover AI Reality, a platform that simplifies the creation of augmented reality prototypes using text AI, making AR learning fun and accessible

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About AI Reality

Welcome to AI Reality, a groundbreaking platform that makes creating augmented reality (AR) prototypes easier and more accessible using text AI. Experience AR learning through a user-friendly process.

Features of AI Reality

AI Reality offers a range of innovative tools and features to help you create AR prototypes and bring your ideas to life.

Framing AI

Experience images generated with Stable Diffusion in physical reality thanks to AR. Use your image at home, in your office, or on the street. Prototype and experiment.

Imagine AR

Learn how to make augmented reality with the help of Open AI chat. Describe the simple scene you want to create in AR, and you will get your source code. AI Reality utilizes ARjs and Aframe, open-source libraries, to streamline the process.


Running out of ideas for your next Spark AR or Lens Studio projects? AI Reality can help you generate fresh concepts and refine them further.

Benefits of AI Reality

By contributing to AI Reality, you receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Be part of the hall of fame
  • Access the project gallery to learn from shared projects
  • Discounts on upcoming courses
  • Use new experimental projects

AI Reality's Mission

AI Reality aims to massify the use and learning of augmented reality through a friendly process that simplifies AI. It serves as a platform where users can test the tools of the future and foster innovation.

Explore AI Reality Today

Embrace the power of AI Reality and create simple augmented reality prototypes using text AI. AI Reality uses Stable Diffusion and Open AI technologies to generate augmented reality, constantly updating its models for better processing and understanding. Dive into the world of AR and experience a new, fun way to learn and create with AI Reality.

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Pricing options

  • $5


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