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Revolutionize education with CENTURY's AI-powered teaching and learning platform for schools, colleges, and universities. Personalized learning for every student

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CENTURY is an award-winning AI teaching and learning platform designed to transform education by personalizing the learning experience for each student. By using AI, neuroscience, and learning science, the platform creates adaptive pathways for students and powerful assessment data for teachers. CENTURY empowers teachers by automating administrative tasks, such as marking and planning, and providing real-time data on student progress, allowing them to better monitor progress and perform targeted interventions. Using CENTURY has been shown to improve student understanding of a topic by an average of 30%. With 1.3 million underperforming students in the UK and 80% of teachers considering leaving the profession, CENTURY offers a solution that can make a real difference in education.

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Pricing options

  • $9.99


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