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MyHeritage AI Time Machine

Travel through history with MyHeritage AI Time Machine, creating stunning AI avatars of yourself in different time periods for a unique, immersive experience

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About MyHeritage AI Time Machine

Explore the past like never before with MyHeritage AI Time Machine, which uses artificial intelligence to create hyper-realistic avatars of yourself set in different historical periods. Share your AI-generated avatars with friends, use them as profile pictures, or simply marvel at your historical alter-egos.

Key Features and Benefits of MyHeritage AI Time Machine

MyHeritage AI Time Machine is an innovative feature that combines the power of AI with historical themes to create captivating avatars of users in various time periods. Experience history firsthand as you transform into an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, a 19th-century aristocrat, or even an astronaut!

Simple and User-Friendly Process

Creating your AI avatars is a breeze with MyHeritage AI Time Machine. Simply upload 10–25 photos of yourself taken from different angles, enter a title, and select a gender. The technology will then generate your avatars, and you'll receive an email when they are ready for viewing.

Dozens of Unique Themes

With MyHeritage AI Time Machine, you can choose from dozens of themes representing various eras and regions, ranging from ancient Greece to 20th-century outer space. The possibilities are endless as you explore the past through your AI-generated avatars.

Tips for Best Results

To achieve the best results with MyHeritage AI Time Machine, consider the following tips when uploading photos:

  • Include only one person in each photo (always the same person)
  • Use a variety of photos, including selfies, upper-body, and full-body shots
  • Include different poses, expressions, and head angles
  • Select photos taken on different days in various settings
  • Avoid heavy makeup, sunglasses, and photos of children

Remember, the quality of your AI avatars depends on the quality and variety of the photos you upload.

Share Your Journey Through Time

Once you've created your AI avatars, share your journey through history with friends and family on social media or use them as profile pictures. MyHeritage AI Time Machine makes it easy to showcase your historical alter-egos with just a few clicks.

Get Started with MyHeritage AI Time Machine

Embark on an exciting adventure through time with MyHeritage AI Time Machine. Experience history in a unique and immersive way by creating stunning AI avatars of yourself in various time periods. Try it today and see where the past will take you!

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $7.88


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