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Transform your teaching experience with TeacherMatic, the AI-powered platform designed by teachers, for teachers to create high-quality educational resources

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About TeacherMatic

Experience the Future of Teaching with TeacherMatic

Unleash the power of AI in your classroom with TeacherMatic, the revolutionary teaching platform built by teachers, specifically for teachers, using GPT-3 technology. Reduce your workload and focus on what truly matters: your students.

Efficient Resource Creation with AI

TeacherMatic's generators simplify the process of creating high-quality classroom resources. Input your desired topic, and the platform will generate lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and more, saving you hours of research and design time.

Key Features of TeacherMatic

Lesson Objectives Based on Bloom's Taxonomy

Easily produce a wide range of learning objectives based on the six cognitive learning domains of Bloom's taxonomy, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your chosen subject matter.

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker

Create multiple-choice questions for any given topic, with output exportable to standard formats for seamless import into your VLE/LMS.

Scheme of Work Generator

Efficiently plan and organize lessons with the Scheme of Work Generator, reducing the time it takes to create comprehensive schemes of work.

Class Question Generator

Generate engaging and relevant questions for your students, promoting deeper understanding and critical thinking.

AI-Generated Rubrics and Glossaries

Save time and effort when creating grading criteria with the AI Rubric Generator, and quickly produce glossaries for any topic or subject using the Glossary Generator.

TeacherMatic: Developed with Real Teachers

Over 300 teachers provided feedback and trialed TeacherMatic in their lessons, refining the platform to become one of the most effective tools for educators. Their input ensured TeacherMatic genuinely reduces workload and enhances teaching experiences.

Flexible Pricing and Updates

Take advantage of TeacherMatic's free trial, and stay connected with the latest platform updates, tips, and tricks through the Latest News Updates section.


TeacherMatic revolutionizes the teaching experience with its AI-powered platform, designed by teachers for teachers. With its array of generators and tools, creating high-quality educational resources has never been easier or more efficient. Transform your teaching and focus on what really matters — fostering meaningful relationships with your students and enhancing their learning experiences — by harnessing the power of TeacherMatic.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $9.99
  • $18


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