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Discover Caktus, the affordable AI assistant designed to elevate your schoolwork. Improve writing, tackle math, and learn coding with ease

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About Caktus

Caktus: Your Affordable AI Assistant for Schoolwork

In today's fast-paced academic environment, students need all the help they can get to excel in their coursework. Caktus, an innovative educational artificial intelligence (AI) tool, is designed to make schoolwork more manageable and help students achieve better results. This comprehensive AI-driven platform offers a wide range of features such as Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, Discussion Questions, Personal Statement Writer, YouTube to Essay, Text Summarizer, coding writers, and much more.

Write Better Papers with Caktus

Caktus offers a powerful Essay Writer that assists students in creating well-structured, coherent, and well-researched papers. With access to 100% academic sources from the integrated CORE database, students can rest assured that they're citing reputable publications. The platform also includes a Paragraph Generator and Discussion Questions to help students develop their ideas and engage in meaningful academic conversations.

The Personal Statement Writer and YouTube to Essay features make it easy for students to create compelling personal statements for college applications and convert video content into written essays.

Master Math and Science with Step-by-Step Solutions

Math, science, and physics can often be challenging subjects for students. Caktus provides step-by-step solutions for Equations, Word problems, and includes a Math keyboard to help students understand complex problems and overcome their academic hurdles.

Learn to Code with Caktus

Coding has become an essential skill in today's world, and Caktus is here to help. With coding writers for Python, Java, C#, Javascript, and Go, students can learn multiple programming languages and receive assistance with coding projects. The platform also features Explainers and a Code Converter to help students understand complex coding concepts and convert code between languages.

Caktus' Ready-for-School Features

Caktus goes beyond just providing assistance with academic tasks; it also helps students prepare their documents for submission. The Caktus Text Editor allows users to format their text documents, making them ready to turn in. Moreover, the AI chat feature makes Caktus feel like a personal education buddy, always there to help with homework.

One unique aspect of Caktus is the ability to personalize the writing style. Students can upload a sample of their writing, and Caktus learns to write in a manner similar to the user, making the AI-generated content blend seamlessly with the student's original work.

Caktus Career Section and Scholarship Program

Caktus also caters to students' career needs with a dedicated Career section, offering Cover Letter and Resume Bullet Points writers to help students create professional job applications.

To further support students, Caktus offers a Scholarship program, providing financial assistance to help them enrich their education.


Caktus is a comprehensive AI-driven educational platform that caters to students' diverse academic needs, making schoolwork more manageable and efficient. With its wide array of features, Caktus is the ideal solution for students looking to improve their writing, tackle math and science problems, and learn coding skills. By integrating reputable academic sources, providing personalized writing styles, and offering career support, Caktus is revolutionizing the way students approach their schoolwork.

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Pricing options

  • $14.99


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