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The Best 20 AI Tools For Amazon Sellers in 2023 cover

The Best 20 AI Tools For Amazon Sellers in 2023

In the thriving marketplace of Amazon, the battle among sellers is intensifying. In order to stay ahead, embracing the cutting-edge tools provided by technology has become a necessity. Among these, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a vital ally that can streamline operations, refine pricing strategies, and amplify sales.

In the forthcoming sections of this article, we'll delve into an assortment of top-tier AI tools specifically designed for Amazon sellers. These tools span various functionalities, encompassing everything from product research, marketing, and pricing optimization, to customer service. Irrespective of your scale — a fledgling seller or a large enterprise handling thousands of SKUs — these AI resources can catapult your Amazon enterprise to new heights.

What can AI tools offer Amazon sellers?

There's a multitude of benefits associated with using AI tools as an Amazon seller:

  • Elevated Efficiency: AI tools can take over monotonous tasks such as data scrutiny, inventory control, and customer assistance, freeing up your time to concentrate on other significant facets of your enterprise.
  • Informed Decision Making: These tools can dissect extensive data sets and furnish valuable insights about customer tendencies, market drifts, and competitor tactics, thereby empowering you with the knowledge to make decisions that boost sales and enhance profitability.
  • Personalization: AI utilities can assist you in offering tailored recommendations to customers, based on their activities and preferences. This enriches the customer experience, consequently bolstering customer loyalty.
  • Gaining Competitive Edge: Leveraging AI tools can keep you a step ahead of your rivals by helping you spot emergent trends and adjust your strategies in real-time.
  • Cost-effectiveness: A majority of AI tools are budget-friendly, enabling you to conserve time and resources by automating tasks that would otherwise demand manual labor.

Stay tuned as we delve into these AI tools, crafted to turbocharge your Amazon business.

1. Shulex

Shulex assists Amazon sellers in product discovery and trend-spotting, catering to their specific target audience. The platform's product research capability dives deep into customer behavior and market trends, providing insights that can help sellers forecast product performance.

Key Features

Shulex packs a robust suite of tools and features to fine-tune VOC (Voice of Customer) processes and product research. Here's a snapshot of its main capabilities:

  • Sentiment Analysis: Unearth the emotions and opinions that lie beneath customer feedback. The insights can guide sellers to enhance customer satisfaction and identify areas that need attention. A clear understanding of customer sentiment can lead to strategic improvements in product offerings and marketing initiatives.
  • Competitive Analysis: Shulex empowers its users to stay one step ahead by monitoring competitor activities and performance. The resulting data-driven insights enable sellers to maintain their competitive edge.
  • Customer Analytics — Profile: Shulex equips businesses with a panoramic view of their target audience. This deeper understanding of customers' behaviors and preferences helps tailor products more effectively.
  • Customer Analytics — Expectations: Decipher customer expectations and preferences to fine-tune products and services for an optimized customer experience.
  • Product Research: The platform is instrumental in identifying high-performing products that can potentially boost revenue. It factors in demand, trends, and profitability to support data-driven product selection.
  • Amazon Reviews Export/Analysis: Shulex's tool for exporting and analyzing Amazon customer reviews helps sellers extract and utilize valuable feedback for product and service enhancement.

The Upsides and Downsides of Shulex

User feedback forms a crucial part of understanding Shulex's performance. Here are some highlights:


  • Broad and advanced feature palette
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Efficient omnichannel integration
  • Dedicated expert support from the Shulex team
  • Accurate and trustworthy data analysis


  • Limited scope for customization
  • Potential steep learning curve for newcomers
  • Pricing could be a deterrent for smaller businesses
  • Limited scope for third-party integrations
  • Occasional technical hiccups within the platform

While Shulex comes with its strengths and limitations, it provides a promising set of tools that can enhance any Amazon seller's strategies for success.

2. Perci

Perci, an AI-powered tool, revolutionizes this process by enabling rapid discovery of impactful Amazon SEO keywords and phrases. Perci's Auto-SEO feature is touted as one of the most sophisticated Amazon keyword tools available, streamlining the keyword research process.

Explore Perci: An AI Amazon SEO Research Tool

With Perci, unlocking potent, high-performance keywords for your listings is a breeze. Here are the tools and features you can leverage:

  • Reverse-ASIN Lookup: Understand your competitors better by uncovering the keywords and ranking strategies they use. This gives you the chance to either emulate their success or identify opportunities they may have overlooked.
  • Broad Keyword Search: Perci assists in the discovery of prominent Amazon keywords linked to your product listing, providing an extensive search across Amazon SEO.
  • Choose Your Keyword Strategies: Decide on your keyword approach and let Perci swiftly locate the best Amazon SEO keywords and phrases, maximizing your product reach and traffic.
  • Refine Your List with AI: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual keyword sorting. Perci uses AI to automatically detect and eliminate irrelevant keywords from your list.
  • Export Your Keywords: After perfecting your keyword list, you can easily export it to Perci's Listing Generator. From there, download your list for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) use with a simple click.

Advanced Controls

  • Gain control over bullet topics and their length.
  • Enjoy superior control over information supplied to the listing builder.
  • Exercise limited but valuable control over tone with three distinct options.
  • The ability to input your own keywords, although the tool doesn’t provide a search feature.


While Perci offers a range of benefits, there are some areas where it might fall short:

  • No scoring functionality.
  • Lacks an internal keyword research feature.
  • Absence of competitor comparison or research capability.
  • The title creation process might be less refined, often resulting in a jumble of high-ranking keywords.

Navigating the realm of Amazon SEO becomes significantly simpler with Perci. By efficiently uncovering potent keywords, it empowers sellers to optimize their listings, thereby improving visibility and traffic.

3. CopyMonkey

Creating compelling copy that genuinely resonates with your audience is an art requiring a unique blend of creativity, precision, and a comprehensive understanding of your readers. This task can often seem daunting, especially for those who don't identify as seasoned writers. However, with the arrival of CopyMonkey AI, these challenges are made a thing of the past.

Your All-In-One Amazon Listing Optimization Specialist: CopyMonkey AI

CopyMonkey AI is an AI-infused tool specifically designed for Amazon listing optimization. Its complex AI algorithms, coupled with natural language processing capabilities, empower businesses to revamp their Amazon listings, boosting visibility, increasing rankings, and consequently, driving sales.

The strength of this tool lies in its methodical approach to identifying the most fitting keywords and phrases for each Amazon listing. This process is accomplished through rigorous data analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

The unique advantage offered by CopyMonkey AI is the speed and efficiency with which it can optimize Amazon listings, without burdening users with extensive research or time-consuming product description writing. Furthermore, it boasts a proficient A/B testing feature, enabling users to determine the most successful listing version.

The tool employs a deep neural network trained on an extensive dataset, which breaks down the input text, examines each element, identifies key phrases and concepts, and leverages this understanding to generate enhanced, optimized text.

The use of CopyMonkey AI is a breeze. Users merely input their text into the tool's interface. The tool then assesses the text and proposes enhancements, including potential keyword, phrase, and sentence structure alterations. Users can then opt for the suggestions they prefer, resulting in a newly minted, optimized text.


Efficiency Enhancer: CopyMonkey AI automates the creation of high-quality content, leaving you with more time for vital activities like marketing and customer service.

Productivity Accelerator: This tool enables businesses to produce more content in less time, improving productivity and operational efficiency.

Content Quality Booster: CopyMonkey AI uses advanced AI technology to analyze and improve content, ensuring better quality and user engagement.

A/B Testing: Users can test different versions of their content to find the most effective one. Intuitive Interface: Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of inputting text and implementing improvement suggestions.


Limited Creativity: While excellent at refining existing content, the tool may fall short when it comes to generating profoundly original and innovative ideas.

Pricing: The cost might be steep for small businesses and individuals, especially if the need for optimization is limited.

Limited Customization: The tool offers a restricted range of customization options, which may not suit businesses with specific branding or style requirements.

Focused Scope: CopyMonkey AI's primary focus is on enhancing written content, which may not cater to businesses needing optimization for other content types, like images or videos.

In conclusion, CopyMonkey AI offers substantial benefits for businesses looking to elevate their Amazon listings and skyrocket their sales. This robust tool holds the promise of saving time, enhancing results, and propelling businesses to greater heights in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

4. Frequently Ai

Frequently emerges as an AI-powered chatbot specifically engineered to aid Amazon sellers in automating their customer support operations. By harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), it can interpret customer queries accurately and deliver efficient responses in an instant. As a result, it minimizes response times while enhancing the customer satisfaction rate.

5. Epinium

In the Amazon marketplace where competition runs high, Epinium surfaces as a key tool to boost your brand's presence.

Epinium: AI's Answer to Amazon Success

Epinium, using AI algorithms, assists both veteran and new Amazon sellers in optimizing their product listings and ads. It audits your Amazon account against the platform's Retail Readiness standards, allowing sellers to improve their listings directly within Epinium's interface.

Transforming Amazon Ads with AI

Epinium revolutionizes Amazon Ads management, using AI to adjust bids based on performance and inventory, thereby maximizing ROI. The AI also automatically uncovers keyword and product segmentations, saving time and resources.

Optimize Listings with ChatGPT Integration

Epinium's integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT allows sellers to quickly create high-performing Amazon listings in any language, improving ad results and organic positioning.

AI Copywriting and Multilingual Support

Epinium's AI can generate optimized titles, bullets, and descriptions in any language. It also provides a useful FBA stock forecast tool and supports multi-account and multi-market management, making it ideal for global sellers and agencies managing multiple clients.

6. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is a potent tool for Amazon sellers seeking to enhance their marketplace performance. It promises an efficient way to analyze, strategize, and optimize your business by automating much of the research process — saving you time and reducing stress.

Embracing ZonGuru's Capabilities

ZonGuru enables vendors to analyze their business performance, do product research, track popular keywords, monitor competitors, enhance listing optimization, and protect their intellectual properties.

ZonGuru Pricing: Flexibility and Value

ZonGuru delivers a range of payment plans with different tiers of features, helping sellers only pay for what they need. It offers three pricing options, each catering to sellers at different stages of their Amazon journey.

Tools and Features: Enhancing Your Amazon Business

ZonGuru's tools are designed to assist Amazon sellers with product research, data analysis, and information gathering, supporting their growth strategies.

Business Dashboard

Provides an overview of your brand's sales history, net worth, customer reviews, and net margins of specific products.

Niche Rater

Helps you determine the potential success of your product in a particular niche, providing a rating based on projected success.

Keywords on Fire

Tracks the most searched keywords on Amazon, giving insights into their popularity and relevance for your marketing strategy.

Email Automator

Automates your email communication with customers, allowing you to send mass emails and automatic responses to buyers.


Analyzes customer reviews for your product, classifying feedback into «love» or «hate» categories for easy understanding of your product reception.

Intellectual Property Monitor

Notifies you if any of your intellectual properties are compromised.

Sales Spy

Monitors your competition using real-time data, helping you understand market trends and informing your marketing strategy.

Pros and Cons

While ZonGuru is ideal for large-scale businesses with its numerous features and flexible payment plans, it might be less suited for smaller sellers. There's also no real-time technical support available.

7.  Sellesta

Sellesta AI serves as a handy tool for Amazon managers, aiding in crafting Amazon listings using AI-enabled keyword research and optimization suggestions. It helps uncover the most crucial keywords for listings, analyze competition, and spot low-competition opportunities. Moreover, it offers insights into what customers appreciate or criticize about products and those of competitors.

Core Features

Here's a glimpse of the feature-rich offerings from the Sellesta Ai software:

  • Sellesta Suggest™: Assists in retrieving pertinent responses for chat and helpdesk tickets.
  • Keyword Revelation: Discover the most relevant and top-ranking keywords.
  • Customizable Branding: Tailor the tool to reflect your brand.

How Sellesta Ai Functions

Keyword Discovery

Sellesta AI reviews your listing and suggests the most pertinent keywords. By leveraging its AI, you can enrich your product descriptions and drive sales.

Listing Optimization

Trained on over 20 million listings, Sellesta AI recommends alterations to the listing title, bullet points, and generic keywords for optimal organic ranking.

One-Click Amazon Listing Updates

After authorizing your Amazon account, you can implement all recommended changes with a single click.

8. eDesk

eDesk operates as a cornerstone for online sellers, providing extraordinary customer service across every selling platform. Created with the unique needs of eCommerce professionals in mind, eDesk brings to the table AI-powered automation tools that efficiently streamline customer support operations and analytics. This setup promotes swift response to customer queries, freeing up precious time for enhancing selling strategies.

eDesk: A Customer Support Powerhouse

eDesk is committed to assisting online retailers and brands in delivering top-tier customer service across all their sales platforms.

Boasting an array of award-winning eCommerce tools, eDesk effectively fine-tunes customer support processes and analytics to ensure quicker response times, drastically improving productivity and profitability.

Centralized Customer Support with eDesk

eDesk's customer support software is ingeniously designed to present eCommerce businesses with a unified view of all customer interactions. It accomplishes this through the Smart Inbox, which centralizes all support channels, social media exchanges, webstore messages, and marketplace communications.

The system intelligently prioritizes messages according to your business priorities and distributes them based on predefined role-based rules. This approach empowers your team to respond to customers 5x faster, nurturing loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Customer Interaction

Handling customer inquiries is a breeze with eDesk's AI automation, which suggests optimal responses and translations. Consequently, your agents can respond in any local language effortlessly. Businesses focusing on scaling their online sales can confidently expand their customer service as they venture into new markets.

Comprehensive Integration and Data Consolidation with eDesk

eDesk smoothly integrates with and brings together data from over 200 channels — marketplace, webstore, social media, communication, and logistics — more than any other customer support software provider. This functionality provides you with complete order information at a single click.

eDesk's Unique Position in Developer Councils

Interestingly, eDesk is the sole customer support solution present on both the Amazon and Walmart developer councils. This unique position enables online retailers and brands to grow their businesses through new sales channels while maintaining a strong connection with their customer support tools and processes.

9.  Quartile

Quartile, a platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is built by and for sellers. It revolutionizes pay-per-click (PPC) ad optimization. Sellers can integrate their retail marketplace accounts, such as Amazon Seller Central, Google Shopping, Instacart, Shopify, among others, for streamlined management of their retail media campaigns to boost sales.

Elevating Advertising at the ASIN Level

Quartile's innovative technology reconstructs advertising campaigns across your account at the granular ASIN level. This eliminates the requirement for vague ad groups and keyword targeting. This unique setup allows the system to learn at an accelerated pace, yielding increased sales and reduced total advertising cost of sales (TACoS) within just a few weeks.

Trusted by Thousands, Managing Billions

Over a thousand sellers rely on Quartile for managing over $1 billion in annual retail media advertising spend, generating more than $11 billion in yearly sales. Quartile's platform, available in more than 16 countries including all leading Amazon markets, continually adds new features and functionalities.


  • Quartile is an impressive AI-powered tool. It quickly outperformed other Amazon advertising tools and full-service agencies.
  • Both PPC and DSP have shown very positive ROAS.
  • Excellent full-service support from an account manager and their team. Regular calls provide updates on your account, and the team continually works hard on developing new features.


  • Pricing structure could be more straightforward. It gets confusing, especially for «small-ish» businesses that are adding more tools.
  • Results on Meta are still forthcoming (this will be updated as soon as there are results since it's still early days)
  • While it excels at maintaining ROI, it can be challenging to scale.

10.  Vapa

VAPA offers an entirely AI-driven advertising platform, designed to streamline the process of ad creation and bolster performance. Harnessing the power of Deep Reinforcement Learning, it analyses billions of data points to enhance your ad campaigns continuously. This not only drives higher sales but also effectively manages your Ad spend to ensure optimal pricing for each bidding keyword.

From PPC Strategy to Placement Optimization

With VAPA, you can oversee your complete Amazon PPC strategy — from Sponsored Ads to Placement optimization. VAPA's round-the-clock, fully automated system takes care of everything, giving you the freedom to concentrate on other critical facets of your business.

11. Nozzle

Nozzle is a cutting-edge digital marketing platform that automates the process of gathering and reporting marketing data, whilst offering intelligent recommendations. Currently, their focus lies in aiding marketing agencies to deliver superior services to an expanding customer base, but with fewer personnel.

Nozzle's Distinct Approach to Amazon Analytics

Nozzle diverges from the standard tools that merely present you with your profits and a comprehensive breakdown of Amazon's various rates and fees. Instead, Nozzle is laser-focused on Amazon sellers dealing with recurring products, aiding them in enhancing and optimizing their acquisition campaigns for these specific types of customers. However, if your business involves selling one-off products, Nozzle might not be the right fit for you.

If you're engaged in selling the typical «subscribe and save» items, this tool could become a potent ally in boosting your earnings and reducing your PPC expenses through better segmentation.

Nozzle comes with a range of features like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analysis and cohort analysis, providing you with invaluable insights to inform your decision-making process. These insights can be directly applied to your external PPC campaigns and, more specifically, to Sponsored Display campaigns to achieve better segmentation and post-purchase remarketing campaign optimization.


  • A unique approach to Amazon Analytics focused on user retention and recurring customers.
  • Features like CLV analysis and cohort analysis, which are difficult to find among competitors, offer valuable insights.
  • Affordable Essential plan starting at $45 per month.


  • Currently, it doesn't support every Amazon Marketplace.
  • Pricing plans for a comprehensive view are twice as much as the Essential plan.
  • Not suitable for businesses selling one-off products.
  • No integrations with other external tools.

12. Jungle Scout AI Assist

Bid farewell to the struggles and intricacies of crafting the perfect Amazon listing. Take advantage of the AI Assist feature within Jungle Scout's Listing Builder, designed to produce optimized, keyword-rich listings in no time.

What is AI Assist?

Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Jungle Scout's Listing Builder utilizes AI Assist to generate compelling product listing content in mere seconds, leveraging the top keywords from your keyword bank.

Save Time

With just a click, AI Assist can expedite the often time-consuming process of listing creation, freeing up your time to concentrate on driving revenue for your business.

Ease of Use

Don't have experience crafting a listing? No worries. AI Assist can effortlessly generate one for you. Plus, it might stimulate new ideas for product benefits or features to emphasize, offering sellers a competitive edge.

Reach Diverse Audiences

Primarily, AI Assist creates content in English, making it a useful tool for non-native English speakers and those for whom English is a second language. By refining their listings for English-speaking Amazon marketplaces, it eliminates the need for potentially expensive translation services.

13.  Helium 10 Listing Builder AI

Improve and optimize your product listings with the Helium 10 Listing Builder AI, a software designed to infuse your Amazon listings with an AI-powered boost.


Craft compelling, conversion-optimized listings with the Listing Builder. Enhanced with AI, it not only streamlines your Amazon copywriting process but also allows you to oversee all your listing statuses from a single user-friendly dashboard.

This tool provides you with keyword suggestions to enhance your visibility and ranking, and even allows you to import your competitors' ASINs to evaluate their keyword strategies, helping you refine your own!

How does it work?

Helium 10 now lets you invigorate your Amazon listings with AI-aided copywriting! As e-commerce evolves, staying competitive means utilizing technologies like ChatGPT to simplify and optimize the creation of your Amazon product listings.

We know that building and optimizing product listings can be labor-intensive. That's why our new AI-powered Listing Builder is here to make things easier by automating the process. By incorporating relevant keywords and product traits, Listing Builder can autonomously generate your product title, bullet points, and product description.

The Listing Builder allows you to edit or remove title keywords, enter product features, choose a tone for various categories, insert your Brand name in the title, exclude specific characters/words, access previously AI-generated content, view search volumes, related products, and CPR, as well as assess the strength of your listing.

With the support of ChatGPT, you can automate the creation of listings based on your desired indexed keywords. You can then personalize your brand name and decide where to place it. Depending on your target audience, you can even select the tone for your listing or choose to avoid certain words or characteristics like competitor brand names. Once you've made your selections, your product listing can be created at the press of a button!

14.  Repricer

Meet Repricer, a robust, swift solution crafted to outpace your competition, dynamically reprice, and drive increased sales. As soon as your competitors alter their prices or run out of stock, we react instantly to help you secure the Buy Box at the most optimal price.

Features allows you to reprice across multiple channels, extending its capabilities to every Amazon Marketplace and mirroring your product pricing across eBay, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

Glean insightful data for smarter decision-making with competitive insights on your top 10 rivals for the Amazon Buy Box. Establish rules to compete against other sellers.

Maximize profits with minimal effort by entering your costs to ensure that every sale generates a profit.

Repricer offers a swift and straightforward setup process, allowing you to be ready to win in just a few minutes.

Functionality of

  • Automated Pricing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Multi-Channel Management


  • Users have appreciated the excellent customer service with one-to-one guidance that convinced them to upgrade to the ultimate version.
  • The tool offers plentiful information regarding your Amazon listings and reprices effectively to keep you competitive in the dynamic marketplace.
  • Users have found it advantageous to gain an accurate overview of net profit per SKU, given that all the necessary information is provided. The capacity to manage SKUs in bulk when changing tactics or strategy has also been lauded.
  • One of the main benefits is the confidence that SKUs are being repriced effectively, maintaining their presence in the Buy Box.


  • Some users have experienced an unproductive onboarding process with insufficient support, rendering the software unhelpful in their view.
  • Occasional minor glitches and a dashboard that could be more interactive with varied views have been mentioned as areas for improvement.
  • Another issue raised was the need to manually enter the cost, selling price, minimum and maximum values, VAT%, etc., for each item in every marketplace, which was a source of frustration.

15. BQool

BQool Repricing Central stands out as an AI-powered repricing tool designed to optimize pricing strategies on Amazon, thereby driving up sales. This tool employs sophisticated algorithms to intelligently price products, providing business owners with an upper hand in the competitive marketplace. With BQool Repricing Central, business leaders can closely monitor daily repricing activities through comprehensive database reports. Let's delve deeper into the product details and pricing in this review.

Product Details

BQool Repricing Central is a dynamic Amazon repricing tool that modifies prices several times per hour and promptly responds to competitor price changes in real time.

The tool not only reprices downwards to secure the Buy Box but also strategically reprices upwards to minimize price gaps and enhance profit margins. The feature to compete with up to 20 competitors is available, including the option to specifically select competitors by ID for competition inclusion or exclusion.

Additionally, the tool comes with a built-in InventoryLab synchronization feature.


  • Users have commended the tool for its efficiency, noting that it meets all their needs.
  • The ability to automatically update listings based on a set range has been appreciated as it significantly aids in increasing sales and profitability by providing competitive edge.
  • Several users have also praised the robust features BQool offers at a reasonable price, making it a valuable choice for a growing business.


  • However, some users have noted that the tool might inadvertently trigger a price race to the bottom against other sellers using repricers. Adjusting to match other sellers' prices precisely (less 0.00) has occasionally resulted in undesirable outcomes.
  • The user interface has been reported to be slightly glitchy and lacking in professionalism. For instance, a «-» may sometimes appear instead of the inventory count for certain items.
  • There have been concerns about needing to pay separate subscriptions for each service.
  • Finally, users have also pointed out the lack of an option to organize groups in alphabetical order.

16. SmartScout

SmartScout provides a diverse suite of features to its users based on the level of subscription you choose: Starter, Pro, or Enterprise. One notable distinction between these levels is the number of users allowed per month.

Worldwide Seller Map

The Seller Map tool resembles a massive, interactive map that can be zoomed into specific areas. It is a valuable resource for businesses seeking a particular seller that matches their needs in a specific region. The tool simplifies the process of finding sellers who might need advertising assistance or those who could offer help in that department.

The tool's searchability is impressive, guided by a range of search terms and filters, leaving no shortage of potential matches to the exact seller traits you're looking for. This tool could easily become an integral part of your business growth.

Brand Search Tool

The Brand Search Tool provides sellers with an extensive overview of brands that operate on Amazon. Information such as the products they sell, their monthly revenue, Amazon in-stock rate, average selling prices, and more are readily available. This database is easily navigable by category and brand.

Enter the specifics of the brand you're seeking, and it will yield results that meet your criteria, offering a detailed analysis. It is an invaluable tool when scouting for highly-rated, top-selling brands that compete with others, and those likely to compete with Amazon in terms of stock availability. This tool facilitates an informed decision-making process on which brands to source from or represent.

Full Product Database

The Full Product Database offers an extensive overview of up to 5000 products on a single screen. While it can initially be overwhelming, it's an invaluable asset. Any product can be viewed at a glance, complete with product photos and evaluative scores.

Given its vast size, it's a good thing that this tool is also easily searchable. As a seller looking for top-selling products, I found this to be immensely helpful in identifying the perfect products for my Amazon storefront.

Private Label FBA Calculator

For new Amazon sellers, it may come as a surprise just how much profit Amazon can claim if fulfillment is not handled correctly. The Private Label FBA Calculator from SmartScout is designed to help you avoid such pitfalls. It breaks down the FBA fees on any product, allowing you to understand exactly where your money goes and ensuring you're not incurring unnecessary expenses.

Priority Onboarding

Third-party logistics speeds up your onboarding process, giving you a headstart against the competition.

Traffic Graph

This feature provides valuable insights into marketing your products and identifying advertising opportunities. It offers revenue estimates, product scores, and information on what other items are commonly purchased alongside your products.

Understanding these trends can guide you in marketing your products effectively and in identifying potential additions to your inventory that would complement existing items.

Efficiency and Ease of Use

SmartScout has been praised for its user-friendly navigation. With a wealth of data at your fingertips, the tool's searchability and scrollable menu bar ensure you won't lose your way. The extensive keyword searches and filterable subcategories make finding what you need quick and straightforward.

Minor drawbacks include occasional layout hiccups that can interfere with search results and the sheer volume of information, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Despite these minor inconveniences, the platform remains user-friendly and efficient.


  • User-friendly with excellent searchability
  • Offers more features than similar platforms
  • Highly rated across various platforms


  • The wealth of information can be overwhelming at times
  • Slightly more expensive than similar platforms
  • Limited features for accounting and bookkeeping tasks

17. Yogi

Yogi operates as a SaaS solution, allowing businesses to monitor and interpret customer feedback systematically. As companies are increasingly shifting towards a customer-centric approach, the volume of customer feedback they amass has amplified drastically. However, the challenging part still remains—transforming this extensive data into practical insights.

Even some of the world's most well-known brands continue to depend heavily on manual efforts to collate and comprehend various forms of feedback such as reviews, survey outcomes, and customer interviews. Yogi is designed to remedy this issue.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Yogi can handle unstructured data from a multitude of sources. It analyzes these data at an unprecedented depth, delving into the nuances of customer conversations, their reactions, and the potential implications for businesses. This level of analysis, previously unattainable, is now within reach with Yogi.

18. Ad Creative is a remarkable AI-powered platform, capable of generating hundreds of visually appealing and high-performing ad creatives within seconds.

The AI evaluates each creative, assigning a performance score indicative of its predicted success within your ad campaign. You have the flexibility to download these creatives or upload them directly to your social media ads from the platform.

Faced with writer's block during demanding campaigns, such as Google Performance Max or Facebook Dynamic Ads? has got you covered with its built-in text generator, capable of producing captivating ad copies and headlines.

Moreover, the platform's Creative Insights feature provides real-time feedback on your ads' performance. Simply connect your Google Ads and Facebook Ad account to gain these valuable insights.

With's seamless integration, you'll be wielding a comprehensive AI tool that could provide a competitive edge in your ad campaigns.

19. Crayon

Crayon, a recipient of numerous accolades, has developed a competitive intelligence platform that empowers your organization to identify and grasp opportunities, thereby forging a lasting business edge. The platform is the go-to choice for tens of thousands of teams seeking comprehensive competitive intelligence, capturing and analyzing a wide array of data such as external messaging, product alterations, pricing shifts, hiring agendas, and marketing strategies, among other things—all collected from hundreds of millions of sources.

Relying on manual research not only consumes a substantial amount of time but also poses a significant risk. The dependence on human effort makes your business vulnerable to overlooked opportunities and hidden threats. Crayon brings a solution to this issue by enabling real-time automatic capture of your competitors' activities. Gain access to an extensive array of data from millions of competitive intelligence sources and stay ahead with updates on product revisions, messaging shifts, changes in executive teams, and much more.

20. Cody

Cody stands apart in the realm of AI assistants. While tools like ChatGPT depend on global databases, Cody utilizes its unique knowledge base to deliver a bespoke service tailored just for you. Cody aims to create a genuinely personalized experience for your team, customers, and processes. It can assist with creative tasks — right from inception to execution, respond to queries promptly and accurately, tackle complex issues, and even assist in brainstorming. Cody's intellect proves its worth daily across small businesses and multinational corporations. With the depth of intelligence and insight it brings, Cody has the potential to revolutionize decision-making across a broad spectrum of work areas. Use Cody's unique knowledge base and gift yourself the power of accurate information and time-saving!


  • Trainable AI assistant ready to promptly respond to customer inquiries and provide precise product details.
  • Immediate access to support documentation to solve technical glitches and uncover hidden features.
  • Utilizes contextual history to offer fresh insights and perspectives.


  • Needs substantial data input for the AI assistant to function optimally.
  • Cannot provide a comprehensive solution for all customer queries and technical issues.

The Final Word

Sure, these AI tools might seem like a hefty expense upfront, but trust me, the advantages of integrating them into your Amazon FBA business strategy are truly immense. Imagine the hours you'll save as these automated wizards take over numerous tasks, leaving you free to focus on other key areas of your business. But it's not just about time-saving — these tools are your secret weapon, providing crucial insights and analytics that can skyrocket your product listing from being just one among the crowd to a high-flying superstar.

In the dynamic and fiercely competitive world of e-commerce, keeping up with the Joneses is not enough — you need to be one step ahead. And that's where embracing technology that drives efficiency and unravels deep insights becomes pivotal. So, whether you're an Amazon selling champ or just getting your feet wet, bringing these AI tools onboard is like adding superchargers to your operations — helping you soar, scale, and stand tall among your competitors.

When you welcome AI into your Amazon FBA business, you're doing more than just adding a tool to your kit — you're placing a bet on the future of your business, assuring it has the best chance to thrive in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.


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