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Fibery vs Clickup - The TRUTH

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Fibery AI vs ClickUp: A Comprehensive Comparison

With countless project management tools available in the market, businesses often struggle to choose the right fit. This article compares two popular project management platforms — Fibery AI and ClickUp — analyzing their pricing, functionality, user interface, and overall user experience.

User Interface and Customization

A critical point of contention among users is the platforms' user interface. Some users find ClickUp's interface to be somewhat over-complicated, featuring numerous overlapping interfaces, pop-ups, takeovers, and submenus. This complexity, coupled with an allegedly lacking customization consistency, can lead to an unfavorable user experience.

On the other hand, Fibery AI offers a clean, aesthetic interface, which many users find more appealing and less overwhelming. Although Fibery AI is a newer platform, it seems to have successfully delivered on its promise of a user-friendly and visually pleasing interface.

Platform Accessibility

ClickUp holds an advantage in accessibility as it offers a desktop app, a mobile app, and a Mac app. However, some users have reported dissatisfaction with the mobile app, stating that it does not perform up to expectations.

Fibery AI, despite being a younger platform, does not currently offer an app. However, given the positive user response to its web version, an app version might further increase its appeal to a wider user base.

Feature Comparison

Both ClickUp and Fibery AI offer a variety of views to manage projects, including board, table, and timeline views. However, ClickUp outshines Fibery AI with a greater number of views. Yet, some users have pointed out that this multitude can also be overwhelming, especially when coupled with ClickUp's complex interface.

Automations and Integrations

Automation is another crucial area where both platforms compete. Despite being newer, Fibery AI has already integrated automation features, offering relations between different things, unlimited mind maps, and whiteboards, and even buttons to run scripts.

While ClickUp boasts a more extensive range of integrations, including Google Calendar sync, users have reported some of these integrations to be somewhat clunky. In contrast, Fibery AI offers a fair amount of integrations, and while it might not match ClickUp's range, it provides a decent selection, especially when coupled with Zapier and Integromat.

Stability and Updates

The reliability of updates and stability of features is another area of concern for users. Some ClickUp users have reported experiencing bugs with new updates, especially with automation features. These stability issues could potentially affect ClickUp's reputation negatively.

In contrast, Fibery AI appears to have adopted a slow and steady approach, similar to Notion, in releasing updates that are well-tested and not prone to bugs. This approach could potentially contribute to a more reliable and stable user experience.


In summary, both Fibery AI and ClickUp bring significant value to the table as project management tools. While ClickUp offers a greater range of features and integrations, Fibery AI stands out with its clean, aesthetic interface and stability. The choice between the two ultimately depends on user preference, specific needs, and budget considerations.


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