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Discover how Sprig delivers targeted user insights and uses AI-powered analysis to improve your product experience, drive engagement, and reduce churn

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About Sprig

Transform Your Product Experience with Sprig's Powerful User Insights

Successful product development requires understanding user needs and continuously improving the product experience. Sprig's innovative platform offers targeted user insights and AI-powered analysis that can help you achieve just that. In this article, we'll explore the key features and benefits of Sprig, and how it can elevate your product experience throughout its entire lifecycle.

Launch Targeted Studies for Precise Insights

Sprig enables you to launch studies with precise targeting in minutes. By capturing insights from specific user cohorts based on their characteristics and actions, you can uncover valuable information about how different groups interact with your product. This targeted approach ensures that you're collecting the most relevant data for your product development process.

A Comprehensive Platform for User Feedback

Sprig's full platform allows you to learn from your users across every stage of product development. With its variety of feedback collection tools, you can gather the information you need to make informed decisions:

  • Surveys: Listen and learn from targeted users directly within your product
  • Replays: Record user sessions alongside their in-product feedback for greater context
  • Prototype Tests: Run browser-based user testing on designs built in Figma, Adobe XD, and more

AI-Powered Analysis for Instant Insights

Sprig's GPT-powered AI analysis surfaces product issues and opportunities in real time, helping you to uncover the drivers behind user behavior. With this cutting-edge technology, you can prioritize your product roadmap, surface and solve pain points, and quickly put user insights into action.

Improve Product Experience Throughout the Lifecycle

Sprig's platform is designed to help you boost product adoption, drive engagement, and eliminate costly churn:

  • Boost product adoption: Identify and resolve pain points in your core flows before they become problems
  • Drive engagement: Discover what your power users love, hate, and want to see next in your product
  • Eliminate costly churn: Recognize user behavior patterns that lead to churn and learn how to reduce them

Seamless Integrations for Your Product Development Process

Sprig offers integrations that bring user insights into every step of your product development process:

  • Enrichment: Precisely target users using your product data
  • Analytics: Uncover the «why» behind your product analytics
  • Experimentation: Enhance A/B test results with user sentiment data
  • Collaboration: Share learnings where your team collaborates

Harness the Power of Sprig's AI Analysis

Sprig's AI Analysis is packed with features designed to help you automate your product learnings and improve decision-making:

  • Industry-Leading AI Technology: Utilize the latest version of OpenAI's GPT large language model customized for Sprig
  • Advanced Filtering: Filter survey responses by time period and user attributes for greater insight
  • Customizable Dashboards: Create dashboards for every user journey to track AI Analysis insights in one place
  • Unlimited Responses: Transform all of your users' responses into actionable insights without limitations
  • Real-Time Updates: Watch as Sprig AI instantly generates and updates its bite-sized theme summary as new responses roll in


Sprig's innovative platform empowers you to elevate your product experience by providing targeted user insights and AI-powered analysis. With its comprehensive suite of feedback collection tools, seamless integrations, and advanced AI features, Sprig ensures that you're equipped to make data-driven decisions throughout your product's entire lifecycle. By using Sprig, you'll be able to boost product adoption, drive engagement, and minimize churn, all while enhancing the overall experience for your users. Don't miss the opportunity to transform your product development process and harness the power of Sprig's cutting-edge technology.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $175


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