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Boost your pandas data analysis with Sketch, an AI code-writing assistant that understands data context, providing relevant suggestions and enhancing productivity

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About Sketch

Elevate your pandas data analysis workflow with Sketch, an AI-powered code-writing assistant designed to understand the context of your data and provide relevant suggestions.

Key Features and Advantages

Easy Integration

Sketch is simple to use, requiring no plugins for your IDE. Just import Sketch and use the .sketch extension on any pandas dataframe.

Context-Aware Suggestions

Sketch employs efficient approximation algorithms (data sketches) to quickly summarize your data, providing relevant code suggestions based on your data context.

Sketch Functions


The .sketch.ask function is a question-answer system that returns text-based answers derived from summary statistics and data descriptions. Use it to better understand your data, improve column names, and explore hypotheticals.


The .sketch.howto function generates code blocks for various data-related tasks, such as cleaning, normalizing, creating new features, plotting, and building models. Use it as a starting point or even a final solution.


The .sketch.apply function is an advanced prompt ideal for data generation, parsing fields, and generating new features. To use this function, set up a free OpenAI account and an environment variable with your API key.

Future Improvements

In the future, Sketch aims to feed data sketches directly into custom ┬źdata + language┬╗ foundation models for more accurate results.

Ideal for Data Analysts and Scientists

Sketch is perfect for:

  • Data analysts seeking to improve productivity with context-aware code suggestions
  • Data scientists looking to streamline their pandas data analysis workflow
  • Python developers working with pandas for data manipulation and exploration


Sketch is an invaluable tool for pandas users seeking an AI code-writing assistant that understands data context. With easy integration and context-aware suggestions, Sketch enhances productivity and improves the pandas data analysis experience. Give Sketch a try and revolutionize your data analysis workflow.

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