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Elephas, a powerful AI writing assistant, streamlines your writing tasks across Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Improve productivity with GPT-3 powered technology

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About Elephas

Elephas: Revolutionizing Writing with AI on Apple Devices

In today's digital world, writing plays a crucial role in communication, and the need for efficient and effective writing tools has never been greater. Enter Elephas, a personal AI writing assistant designed specifically for Apple devices. With Elephas, you can elevate your writing skills, save hours on tedious tasks, and boost your productivity like never before.

Enhancing Writing across Applications with Elephas

Elephas is designed to work across all your favorite applications on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. From emails and documents to social media posts, Elephas enhances your writing wherever you need it.

Supercharge Your Writing with Super Brain

With Elephas, you can load your data from various popular sources such as PDF, Word, Notion, Obsidian, and even webpages. Its advanced AI technology enables you to elevate your email responses, captivate with compelling content, and ask questions within your dataset.

Elephas: ChatGPT Across All Your Apps

Elephas brings the power of ChatGPT to all your apps. It can run tasks from the super-command bar, filling out your Google Sheets or summarizing articles for you. You can chat with your data to gain insights or write an article.

Benefits of Elephas

Writing Assistance Anywhere, Anytime

Elephas works across popular tools, acting as a writing assistant unlike other AI tools. You can use it to write attractive content for your emails, blogs, or social media, ensuring professionalism and engagement.

Reply with a Click

With Elephas, replying to emails, social media posts, or official chat messages is as simple as a click, saving you time and effort.

AI Smart Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

With Elephas' AI Smart Keyboard, you can write content seamlessly across your Apple devices. It allows you to write emails, documents, and rewrite text to different tones.

Elephas: A Productivity Powerhouse

Elephas is not just a writing tool, but a productivity powerhouse. It offers a range of powerful features:

  • Blogs: Generate ideas, outlines, or an entire blog in minutes.
  • Emails: Write professional emails that attract attention.
  • Presets: Write 15 different types of content with powerful presets.
  • Grammar Fixes: Improve your credibility by fixing grammar mistakes.
  • Summary: Summarize any article to get key takeaways.
  • Google Sheets/Excel Formula: Convert text instructions to formula.
  • Headlines: Create engaging headlines that convert.
  • Presentations: Create a presentation in just 30 seconds.

Privacy-friendly Smart AI Keyboard for iOS

Elephas' smart keyboard offers features like «Smart write,» «Continue writing,» «Fix grammar,» and «Rewrite,» and it integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps like Google Docs, Slack, iMessage, Whatsapp, and Mail. Moreover, it is privacy-friendly as it doesn't store your data on its servers.

Pay per Usage

Unlike other services that require monthly subscriptions, with Elephas you only pay for what you use, making it a cost-effective solution for your writing needs.


Elephas is an innovative AI writing assistant that harnesses the power of GPT-3 to enhance your writing and productivity across all Apple devices. By providing an AI-powered platform to generate ideas, write professional emails, blogs, and social media posts, Elephas takes the hassle out of writing. It's a productivity powerhouse that can save hours every day, making it an essential tool for marketers, content writers, business professionals, and technical professionals.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $4.99
  • $8.99
  • $14.99


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