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Scite is a smart citation index that uses deep learning to show how scientific publications are cited and the context in which they are cited.

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About Scite

Scite is a revolutionary tool that offers a quantitative and qualitative insight into how scientific publications cite each other. It provides a platform for researchers and students to get a comprehensive understanding of research papers. Scite's deep learning model extracts meaning from within papers, and identifies connections to help users discover and understand research.

Scite provides several features, such as its report page, reference check, advanced search, custom dashboards, browser extension, and Zotero plugin. The report page lets users quickly see how a given publication has been cited by others, while reference check allows them to upload a manuscript and quickly see how references have been cited by others. Scite's advanced search lets users search for topics with the ability to refine information on how well-supported or contrasted a paper's claims are. Custom dashboards let users aggregate information on groups of articles based on DOIs provided. Scite is also available as a browser extension, showing tallies of supporting, mentioning, and contrasting citations a paper has received when users browse on other sites. Scite is free during its introductory period, and it has become an invaluable tool for students and researchers looking to save time and gain a deeper understanding of the scientific literature.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $12


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