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Discover Scholarcy, the AI-driven summarizer for research articles, reports, and book chapters. Save time and grasp key insights for a seamless research experience

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About Scholarcy

Unlock the Power of Scholarcy: The Ultimate AI-Powered Article Summarizer

In today's fast-paced world, staying updated with the latest research can be a daunting task. Researchers, students, journalists, and librarians alike face the challenge of efficiently processing a vast array of articles, reports, and book chapters. Enter Scholarcy, an AI-powered article summarizer designed to save you time and deliver key insights from complex documents.

Save Time and Effort with Scholarcy

Scholarcy's AI-driven online tool reads research articles, reports, and book chapters in seconds, breaking them down into easily digestible sections. This allows users to quickly assess the importance of any document for their work. By identifying crucial information such as study participants, data analyses, main findings, and limitations, Scholarcy helps reduce the time spent appraising a study by over 70%.

Extract Key Facts, Figures, and References

As an article summarizer tool, Scholarcy generates a summary flashcard of any document in Word or PDF format. It creates links to open access versions of cited sources and can be configured to extract figures, tables, and images. This feature enables users to speed-read articles, follow arguments, and grasp the main points in a matter of minutes, with referenced articles just a click away.

Build Your Personal Summarized Research Library

Scholarcy's browser extension for Chrome and Edge integrates with open-access repositories such as arXiv, bioRxiv, and OSF Preprints. It also connects with Scholarcy Library, a pay-monthly subscription service that builds a searchable collection of your summary cards, accessible from any device.

Scholarcy Features: Enhance Your Research Experience

Suggests Background Reading

New to a field or looking to understand the main topics of recent research? Scholarcy generates a background reading list to help you quickly grasp the essentials. It also highlights terms and abbreviations in the text for easy reference.

Highlights Important Points

Scholarcy's unique Robo-Highlighterâ„¢ automatically highlights important phrases and contributions made by a paper, eliminating the need for manual highlighting. Its advanced AI has learned the structure of academic papers and can pinpoint when a crucial point is being made.

Creates Referenced Summaries

Scholarcy summarizes entire papers with references, rewriting statements in the third person for easy citation in reports, essays, or theses. Users can customize the summarization process by choosing the number of words, highlighting level, and language variation.

Finds References and Extracts Tables and Figures

Scholarcy locates open-access PDFs from sources such as Google Scholar and arXiv using the UnPaywall API. Users can download entire bibliographies in BibTex or .RIS format for easy import into reference management tools. Additionally, Scholarcy extracts tables in Excel format and provides cross-referenced thumbnails of figures for effortless navigation.

Who Benefits from Scholarcy?

Scholarcy is designed for researchers, students, journalists, librarians, and anyone seeking clear, informative summaries of complex documents. Whether keeping up with the latest research, comparing multiple articles, generating abstracts, or finding related reading, Scholarcy serves as a virtual research

assistant for a wide range of users.

Academic Researchers

Challenges faced by academic researchers include staying up-to-date with a growing volume of research papers, searching for references, re-reading papers, finding important sections, and getting research published alongside other academic commitments. Scholarcy streamlines these tasks, providing an efficient research experience.

Policy Researchers

Policy researchers must absorb and condense large volumes of information into reports and briefing documents while delivering consistently thorough and accurate information analysis. Scholarcy aids in this process by summarizing crucial information and providing easy access to references.


Journalists are often tasked with speed-reading reports and papers to extract key facts, quotes, and summaries while consistently referencing verifiable sources and meeting tight deadlines. Scholarcy's summarization and reference extraction features are invaluable in this context.


Students must keep up with recommended reading, track important papers and notes, and meet essay deadlines and exam preparation timelines. Scholarcy's AI-powered summarizer helps students save time and focus on the most critical aspects of their coursework.


Librarians aim to improve library users' experiences with tools and resources while meeting the needs of students with specific learning difficulties and maintaining high standards of information literacy. Scholarcy serves as an essential tool for librarians in achieving these goals.


Scholarcy's AI-powered article summarizer offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to save time and quickly assess the importance of research articles, reports, and book chapters. With features such as reference extraction, open access source linking, and figure, table, and image extraction, Scholarcy is a game-changing tool that revolutionizes the research experience. Embrace the power of Scholarcy and make it your go-to research assistant today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $9.99


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