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Unlock the power of data analysis with RTutor's AI-driven, natural language interface that translates your requests into R and Python code instantly

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About RTutor

RTutor: Revolutionizing Data Analysis with AI and Natural Language

RTutor is an innovative, AI-driven tool that simplifies data analysis by providing a natural language interface for users to interact with their data. Built on OpenAI's powerful text-davinci-003 language model, RTutor translates your requests into R and Python code for various statistical analyses and generates HTML reports in minutes.

Key Features of RTutor

Seamless Data Import and Processing

RTutor supports data files in CSV, TSV/tab-delimited text files, and Excel formats, allowing users to upload their data and start analyzing it with ease. The platform automatically detects data types, converts numeric columns to factors, and generates descriptive summaries and plots.

Versatile Data Analysis and Visualization

With RTutor, you can perform various analyses such as correlation, GGpairs, and more using natural language requests. The AI-powered platform generates R and Python code based on your input, allowing for efficient data visualization and interpretation.

Multilingual Support

RTutor supports natural language processing in dozens of languages, including Chinese, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, German, French, Luxembourgish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Persian. This broad language support makes RTutor accessible to users around the world.

Who Can Benefit from RTutor?

RTutor is an invaluable resource for students, researchers, data analysts, and professionals across various industries who require fast and efficient data analysis. Its natural language interface makes it easy for users with limited programming knowledge to generate and interpret complex data insights.

Getting Started with RTutor

RTutor is currently released as a prototype for testing and improvement. The website and source code (CC BY-NC 3.0 license) are freely available for academic and non-profit organizations only.


RTutor is revolutionizing data analysis by combining AI-driven technology with a natural language interface, making it easy for users to interact with their data and obtain valuable insights. With its versatile features, multilingual support, and user-friendly interface, RTutor is the perfect tool for anyone seeking a powerful and accessible data analysis solution. Experience the future of data analysis with RTutor today!

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