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Riku empowers creators to build AI models without code, providing accessible, efficient, and tailored content solutions for businesses

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About Riku

Riku: Empowering Content Creation with No-Code AI Solutions

Discover Riku, the no-code AI platform designed to help content creators, marketers, and sales teams unlock the true potential of AI for their businesses. Generate relevant content, automate processes, and work efficiently with Riku's intuitive features.

Riku for Various Professionals

Content Creators: AI for Copywriting

Build your own AI models to enhance your writing process, ensuring that generated content is highly relevant to your business.

Marketers: Amplify Your Brand

Leverage AI to create targeted marketing campaigns and enhance your brand's visibility.

Sales & Outreach: Supercharge Growth

Utilize custom AI models to streamline sales efforts and accelerate business growth.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

Riku can easily be integrated with automation tools through a no-code approach or via its easy-to-understand API. Connect Riku to the tools you're already using to create unique and efficient solutions.

Prompt Engineering vs. Writing Assistants

Rather than relying on generic writing assistant tools, Riku enables you to create tailored prompts and datasets specific to your business needs. Harness the power of AI to generate content that truly resonates with your audience.

Prompt Building Made Simple with Riku

Learning to create effective prompts can be challenging. Riku offers a supportive community, guidance, and tutorials to help transform your prompt ideas into successful content solutions.

Fine-Tuning: Unlock the Full Potential of AI

Fine-tuning involves providing a unique dataset to a large language model, influencing the generated output to be highly specific. Riku simplifies fine-tuning, making it accessible to users without coding knowledge or JSONL file formatting expertise.

Benefits of Fine-Tuning

Fine-tuning with large datasets enables better performance than prompts alone, excelling at more complex tasks. Riku's fine-tuned models can be used via a single endpoint API, integrations, or public share links, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Conclusion: Transform Content Creation with Riku

Riku's no-code AI platform revolutionizes the content creation process, empowering creators, marketers, and sales teams with tailored AI solutions. Streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and create truly engaging content with Riku's powerful AI features.

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Pricing options

  • $29
  • $49


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