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Harness the power of Olvy, an AI-driven changelog and feedback management tool, to enhance user experience, streamline product updates, and build better products

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About Olvy

Olvy: AI-Powered Changelog & Feedback Management for Better Products

Transform Product Development with Customer Feedback

Olvy empowers you to manage user feedback like never before, helping you build better products with valuable customer input. With advanced AI capabilities and seamless integrations, Olvy streamlines the process of logging and analyzing feedback while keeping users engaged and informed.

Comprehensive Feedback Management

Quickly log user feedback from your Olvy dashboard and bring together feedback from multiple sources with powerful integrations and widgets. Pre-defined filtering and custom filters allow you to organize and analyze feedback effectively, while tracking the source and context for every piece of input.

Enhance Communication with 1:1 Notification System

Send personalized direct notifications to your users about their feedback and maintain a changelog with beautiful in-app widgets and standalone pages. Keep users updated on their feedback from within your app and identify patterns with Olvy Insights, including sentiment analysis and keyword extraction.

AI-Driven Features for Improved Insights

Leverage the power of AI and GPT-3 to gain actionable insights from user feedback. Summarize feedback, perform sentiment analysis, and identify key ideas with the keyword extractor. Understand your users globally with feedback auto-translation and multi-language support.

Seamless Integration with Your Workflow

Easily integrate Olvy with your existing task management tools and sync issues automatically. Group similar feedback, manage task tickets, and maintain a two-way sync for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Customize Your Experience with Olvy

Tailor the look of your release notes and feedback widgets with custom CSS, domain, and JS. Ensure your standalone page is SEO-ready and offer a user-friendly experience with in-app surveys, screenshots, video recording, and attachments. Reply back to users once their feedback is resolved and customize the widget to fit your needs.

Empower Your Product Development with Olvy

Olvy's AI-powered changelog and feedback management tool provides an all-in-one solution for gathering user feedback, keeping users informed about product updates, and integrating seamlessly with your existing workflow. Enhance your product development process and deliver better products with Olvy.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $24
  • $48


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