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Maximize your LinkedIn prospecting efforts and boost response rates up to 6X with Outboundly's AI-generated, personalized cold emails and messages

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About Outboundly

Supercharge Your Outreach with Outboundly's AI-Powered Messaging

In the world of B2B sales and marketing, cold emails and LinkedIn messages play a vital role in reaching potential customers. With the help of Outboundly, a Chrome extension that utilizes artificial intelligence, you can streamline your prospecting efforts and achieve significantly higher response rates. In this article, we'll explore the features, benefits, and applications of Outboundly for users seeking a more efficient and personalized outreach experience.

Simplify Your LinkedIn Prospecting with Outboundly

Outboundly makes it incredibly easy to personalize messages for your LinkedIn prospects. By entering a few pieces of information about your offering and call to action, the platform generates tailored messages for each recipient. This streamlined process involves three simple steps:

  1. Sign up: Register for an account and install the Outboundly Chrome extension from the web store.
  2. Prospect: Visit a LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator lead, then open the message window or connection request.
  3. Outreach: Generate and send personalized messages to your LinkedIn prospects with just one click.

Customized Messaging for Your Brand

In the standard and pro packages, Outboundly trains its AI using examples of your previous prospecting messages. This allows the platform to create messages that align with your brand's voice and gives you more control and flexibility over the final output.

Boost Your Response Rates with AI Assistance

Outboundly users have reported an increased response rate from potential customers by up to 6X. By leveraging AI-generated, personalized messages, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

Join the Outboundly B2B Community

Outboundly offers a built-in B2B community, providing additional value to its users. This community includes:

  • Posting: See what other B2B companies using Outboundly are doing in the feed.
  • Forums: Ask questions, get answers, and share your opinions within threads.
  • Learning: Access Outboundly's tips and tricks for B2B sales professionals.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Prospecting Efforts with Outboundly

Outboundly's AI-powered Chrome extension revolutionizes the way businesses approach LinkedIn prospecting and cold email outreach. By generating personalized messages for each prospect, the platform enables users to achieve higher response rates and streamline their outreach process. With additional features like AI training for brand-specific messaging and a built-in B2B community, Outboundly offers a comprehensive solution for B2B sales professionals looking to supercharge their prospecting efforts. Experience the power of Outboundly and transform your outreach strategy today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $24
  • $75


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