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Unlock the power of Nuclia, an AI search engine that delivers accurate answers from your internal documents, with seamless integration and no training needed

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About Nuclia

Introducing Nuclia: The AI Search Engine for Your Internal Documents

Nuclia is an AI-driven search engine that delivers the right answers from your internal documents, revolutionizing the way businesses access and manage their data. With effortless integration and no training required, Nuclia provides optimized search results and generative answers for a seamless user experience.

Effortless Data Ingestion and Integration

Nuclia offers a variety of methods to ingest data from any source, language, or format:

Desktop App

Quickly upload data from popular productivity apps like Dropbox, Drive, or file systems like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud.

Rest API

Easily integrate Nuclia into any application with API-based search queries.

Web App

Drag & drop files, add URLs, text files, or videos, and train your data with specific AI models.

Chrome Extension

Index web pages or YouTube videos in your Nuclia knowledge box with a simple right-click.

Advanced Features for Optimal Search Performance

Nuclia's cutting-edge AI search engine boasts an array of features, including:

Multilingual Support

Search your data using natural language in almost any language and receive accurate answers.

Video and Audio Indexing

Transcribe videos and podcasts, enabling AI search results and generative answers.

Data Anonymization

Automatically detect critical data and ensure GDPR compliance with out-of-the-box data anonymization.

End-to-End AI Search API

Nuclia simplifies the complex process of building an AI-powered search engine on top of any data, regardless of its storage location. The end-to-end AI search API involves:

  1. Data connection and ingestion
  2. Text extraction
  3. AI processing
  4. Indexing
  5. Ranking
  6. Answer generation

Conclusion: Transform Your Data Management with Nuclia

Nuclia's AI search engine offers a powerful solution for businesses seeking to optimize their access to internal documents and data. With its effortless integration, advanced features, and end-to-end AI search API, Nuclia provides the ultimate tool for unlocking the potential of your data. Experience the future of data management and elevate your business efficiency with Nuclia.

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