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Maximize efficiency and streamline decision-making with Two Minute Reports, an AI-driven reporting tool that integrates ChatGPT into Google Sheets

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About Two Minute Reports

Two Minute Reports: Unleash AI-Powered Analytics in Google Sheets

Maximize efficiency and streamline decision-making with Two Minute Reports, an AI-driven reporting tool that integrates ChatGPT into Google Sheets.

Discover Two Minute Reports

Revolutionary AI-Driven Analytics: Two Minute Reports is a powerful reporting tool that integrates ChatGPT into Google Sheets, providing automated insights and data-driven decisions within a familiar spreadsheet environment.

Key Features of Two Minute Reports

Automate Human Insights: Allow ChatGPT to work as your sidekick analyst, creating automated human-like summaries, recommendations, and actions based on your data analysis.

Accelerated Insights: Quickly extract valuable insights from various data sets in Google Sheets by leveraging ChatGPT's advanced capabilities.

Advanced Predictive Analytics: Utilize ChatGPT's sophisticated algorithms for forecasting, trend analysis, and strategic decision-making.

Sentiment Analysis: Gauge customer sentiment in reviews, social media posts, or survey responses using ChatGPT's natural language understanding.

Anomaly Detection: Monitor performance metrics or financial data and receive alerts when irregularities occur, enabling proactive decision-making.

Text Summarization: Condense lengthy documents, articles, or reports into concise summaries while preserving relevant information.

Time Series Analysis: Process and analyze time series data to identify trends, seasonality, and cyclical patterns for optimized forecasting and resource allocation.

Association Rule Mining: Uncover relationships between variables within transactional data to inform product recommendations and targeted promotions.

Benefits of Using Two Minute Reports

Save Time: Automate insights and reporting, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

Improve Decision-Making: Leverage AI-driven analytics to make data-driven decisions more efficiently.

Customizable Reports: Tailor reports to match your brand's look and feel, adding your company logo, color scheme, and layout.

Integration with BI Platforms: Seamlessly integrate with Google Sheets and other BI platforms for robust capabilities and secure infrastructure.

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Pricing options

  • Free
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