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Experience Korewa AI, a chat platform for anime enthusiasts, offering AI-powered conversations with user-generated anime characters

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About Korewa AI

Korewa AI: The Ultimate Chat Platform for Anime Fans

Korewa AI is an innovative chat platform designed for anime enthusiasts, offering a unique and immersive experience with AI-powered, user-generated anime characters.

Visual-Novel-Style Character Animations

Experience scarily realistic anime characters, fine-tuned with AI text models specifically for anime personalities. Characters display emotions visually, enhancing the interactive experience.

Cutting-Edge AI Character Customization

Create your own characters by uploading images, defining their memories, personality traits, and expressions. Advanced customization options bring your favorite characters to life.

Advanced AI for Emotion Simulation

Korewa AI outshines competitors with its advanced AI technology, simulating emotions more accurately than ChatGPT API models.

A Vivid, Visual Experience

Enjoy unparalleled visual engagement as characters display emotions, providing an experience no other service can match.

A Niche for Anime Fans

Korewa AI specializes in catering to anime fans, delivering a tailored experience for enthusiasts.

Engage with AI Characters and the Community

Speak and Evolve

Interact with your created characters, watching them evolve as their dialogue develops through ongoing conversations.

Publish Characters and Explore

Share your creations with the community by publishing your characters publicly, and explore other user-generated characters to discover new series and engage with a vibrant community.

Experience the World of Korewa AI

Embrace the future of AI-powered conversations with Korewa AI, bringing your waifus and husbandos to life. Join the platform to experience a tailored, immersive world for anime fans.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $10


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