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Discover Mystic's serverless GPU inference for ML models, offering cost-effective solutions, up-to-date hardware, and unparalleled scalability

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About Mystic

Accelerate Your ML Models with Mystic's Serverless GPU Inference

Mystic AI offers a groundbreaking serverless GPU inference platform for machine learning models, boasting reduced costs, up-to-date hardware, and exceptional scalability. Harness the power of NVIDIA Ampere and Volta GPUs to save engineering time and effort as you scale your product.

Deploy Custom and Pre-trained Models with Ease

Mystic AI enables you to deploy your own ML models through its Pipeline feature. Upload your model, convert it into a pipeline using the open-source library, and gain instant access to an inference API endpoint. Moreover, choose from a wide array of pre-trained AI models that are available with just one API call.

Experience the Power of Pipeline Core

Leverage the enterprise-grade Pipeline Core platform to deploy ML pipelines with speed, high-throughput, and consistent performance across GPUs and CPUs in your preferred compute environment. Designed after millions of ML inferences, Pipeline Core powers Mystic AI's serverless GPU API.

Key Features of Pipeline Core
  • Empower data-scientists with a fast, scalable, and easy-to-use platform.
  • Integrate your favorite tools through the open-source Python API.
  • Deploy and scale on cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments.
  • Streamline your engineering workflow with an API-centric design.

Comprehensive Features for ML Deployment

Mystic AI offers a full suite of features to manage and monitor your ML models, including:

  • Deploying multiple models with versioning and monitoring.
  • Auto-scaling across multiple clouds and heterogeneous hardware.
  • Preemptive caching for reduced cold-start times.
  • Support for online, batch, and streaming inference.
  • Dashboard, CLI, and API interfaces for ultimate flexibility.
  • Integration with other ML and infrastructure tools.
  • Real-time monitoring, alerts, and end-to-end encryption.

Conclusion: Unleash the Potential of Your ML Models with Mystic AI

Mystic AI provides a comprehensive and powerful platform for managing ML models in the enterprise and at the edge. By offering serverless GPU inference, up-to-date hardware, and an extensive feature set, Mystic AI empowers organizations to harness the true potential of machine learning. Experience the benefits of cost-effective solutions, scalability, and expert support by choosing Mystic AI for your ML deployments.

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